Error Loading Operating System Question


Perhaps this has happened to you.

Recieved this message, Error Loading Operating System, when installing Windows xp pro? After loading the installation files from the CD, windows xp shuts down and reboots to continue loading a fresh install of Windows from the installation files onto the HD. Instead of loading the installation files an error message hangs the installation and reads...Error Loading Operating System. The installation files are loaded, but Windows xp won't load up?

Looked around the forums and searchs and no one had a definitive answer to solving this issue of Error Loading Operating System.

I put an entirely different copy of a Windows XP Cd in the tray and it loaded right up. My copy of Wind0ows XP pro that would not load is good as far as I know. Was using it loaded onto a HD prior to this incident of not installing. Got me baffled for the moment.



Jan 9, 2006
I have the same issue right now. I was running Windows XP Pro for ever. Decided to Put Vista on for a while by its self after it was time to clean the system (re-format). Vista was working fine for quite some time. Decided to Put Windows XP Pro back on but on another hard drive... (Nope.. did not like it).

Then I decided to try to put Windows XP back on by itself (format the other hard drive with Vista). No problem.

Ok, maybe with Windows XP pro running nice on first hard drive and other hard drive freshly formatted I can put Windows Vista back on the other hard drive... NOPE.

Well, this sucks. So now I'm running Windows 7 Beta on one hard drive (works fine). Ejected hard drive and Inserted fresh hard drive and tried to install Windows XP Pro... It does exactly what you are describing. I boot off CD, Low level format, copy installation files, reboot, message "error loading operating system".

Ejected hard drive and put Windows 7 hard drive back in. I have a feeling that if I put in a hard drive that has never had Vista or Windows 7 on it that Windows XP would install just fine... I don't know.

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