Question Error: USB device over current status detected

Jaeden hyland

Jan 21, 2016
This error occurred when I plugged an external hard drive into my pc. I kept getting other errors saying something like, can't give enough power to the device. I plugged it in every usb port I had and the device would never come up on my computer. So I unplugged the device and put my other devices back in such as keyboard,mouse,headset,etc. While doing that my headset wouldn't work anymore so I restarted the pc and got this error: usb device over current status detected, will shut down in 15 seconds.

Some say it's the external hard drive that is giving that error, but I have all my usb devices unconnected including the hard drive and I still get the error. And I heard others also say that it's the usb port which are broken. One of them is broken but it's been broken for years and my pc was fine. Why am I getting the error now?

Sorry for the long post, just wanted to let you know the full story to see where I went wrong . Thank you
Check your motherboards usb header for plastic clips on them. Make sure one hasn't come loose on the prongs and allowed them to touch each other, or that one is missing. You can also try pulling your cmos battery out and reset the motherboard.