Sep 4, 2021
My friend and I just moved into an apartment for college and were both looking into setting up our pcs with ethernet. (Sorry if this upcoming part is unclear/confusing) I believe we have some type of fiber line/internet. We have a Nokia modem that has the 10g Lan port light up. We then have an Eero router plugged into the 10g lan port. The issue is, there is only one ethernet port after the router and modem connection. What would be the possibilities for somehow both of us getting internet through ethernet? Is there a cheaper option like a switch/hub that would allow us both to get ethernet without slowing the speed down significantly?

Another side question I have is regarding the Eero router. When I tested my ethernet through the modem 10g Lan port it was 300 Mbps down and 275 Mbps up. However, when plugged into the router the down was the same but the up was around 115 Mbps. Why would the router make the upload speed slower?

I could be misunderstanding the networking so any tips/help or knowledge would be helpful. Thanks
The easy question is you can just use a switch to add more ports, they no longer makes hubs.

If you had said it only got 90mbps I would suspect a cable but because it is 115 that means all the ports are running gigabit. It is unclear why that router would run so slow. Even very inexpensive routers can pass 1gbit wan/lan. I would factory reset it and only configure the passwords. There are some feature that disable the hardware acceleration that allows routers to pass gigabit of traffic.

From what I can tell eero routers seem to think mesh is something magic. Not sure why they would not have more ethernet ports.

Can you tell if the nokia box is actually just a modem or might it be a router also. If it has wifi it is likely a router. You could just not use the eero box if the nokia is a router.

Since you are going to have to buy a switch anyway what maybe better is to buy a $50 router. Making sure it has gigabit wan and lan ports. You don't care about fancy wifi because you can use the eero for the wifi running it as a AP.
Then again maybe just get the switch and ignore the slow upload. It may not be worth the headache. Very few people need much upload speed. Lately home work video conference uses more but it still is well under 10mbps even for that. You would need to have a very specialized need to use more than 115mbps.