Question Everyone in discord or any other sound application can "Hear What I Hear"

May 17, 2018
Windows 10 64 Bit
Soundblasterx G6 USB DAC

An updated occurred 5-6 months ago that must have reset my Windows sound settings. People started telling me they could hear anything that I could hear in Discord. I then bound a key for push to talk, and once I would click that bind, others could hear exactly what I would hear. I replaced my headphones with hyperx cloud 2's since I needed new headphones anyways and that did not resolve the issue. Also keep in mind the sound is not escaping the speakers inside the headset and going into the mic, and the sound is not coming from my external speakers on the desk as well. In order to avoid dealing with Windows I bought a soundblasterx G6 DAC which is connected via USB. The problem still occurs, and when I test my voice within the sound blaster connect application I sound like I am echoing in a long hallway. When I test if I say "Can you hear me" I will hear my self as if I was echoing in a dark cave in some scary move. Where do I find the setting in Windows to disable the Input of the sound that I hear? I have checked google, youtube, but the issue is that most of them talk about the realtek drivers which I do not have on the pc anymore.

Below is my current setup for Playback and Recording, I have disabled as many options as possible to mitigate all the possible reasons that my MIC is outputting both my voice and what I hear.

Also under Recording I have unchecked the box that says Record What I Hear so that has already been done.