Mar 14, 2012

I stumbled upon this and was incredulous! Amazon has a 700W PSU for $80 with a $60 mail in rebate. That would mean that this PSU comes to under $20! I'm so impressed I'm thinking of picking one up, even though I don't need to build a system, because who knows when you'll need another PSU (Plus I'll probably be building another comp by the summer.)

Well, just sort of pointing that out. I hope others find this excellent deal and can use it.

Edit: My original link was wrong. I updated it. But it's very weird; every other time I go to the link it won't show the $60 MIR but a $30 one. Yeah, actually I think my first time messed up! I'll update with a screenie in a bit to show how mine said (incorrectly) a $60 MIR. Sorry.


PS Do you think CS would slash the price by $30 if I asked nicely? ;)
Hi :)

There has GOT TO BE a catch......I dont believe ANYONE will get that for $19.99...

I wish they would ship to the UK...I would buy 50 of them for my shops lol...but its untrue....I will wait to hear from the first person that actually gets one WITH the rebate....

I suspect I will be waiting a LONG time...

All the best Brett :)