FAT32 File Size Limit


Jul 30, 2007
Okay.. So I am seeking and learning new ways to get my media files from my PC and netbook to my PS3.. Tversity worked for a while but then stopped.. windows media i think is garbage. blah blah blah.. so i take a old 160GB maxtor from ages ago.. get a external usb case and shove it in there... Go through ALOT of trouble just trying to find out how to format the drive to FAT32 over 32 gig.. DONE.. finished that blah blah.. now i hit a wall.. I have a 10GB file/move MKV file that I want to transfer over.. cant... says its too BIG... WTF? So i do some more research and BAM file size lmiit.... I am wondering if there is any way to overcome this? OR a good video compressing software that wont lose too much quality.. sound quality isnt a big deal but overall video is what i want.. Any help would be MUCH appreciated.. THANKS :)

Henry Chinaski

Mar 16, 2010
Have you try to split the movie file using the Virtualdub ?(although I think it only works with AVI files...).
Therefore, you will have three files that you can play after each other.
There is another program called MKVmerge.

Taken from mkvmerge guide:
The Split section handles how the output file is split into several smaller files. If no splitting is selected then only one big file is generated. If splitting is activated then you can tell mkvmerge to start a new output file after either a specific amount of data has been written to the current file or after a specific timecode has been reached. The accepted formats are:
•For the size: A number optionally followed by the letter 'K', 'M' or 'G' indicating kilobytes (1024 bytes), megabytes (1024 * 1024 bytes) or gigabytes (1024 * 1024 * 1024 bytes). Examples: '700M' or '100000K'.

•For the time: The format is either HH:MM:SS.nnn with up to nine digits for up to nanosecond precision or a number followed by the letter 's' indicating a number of seconds. Several timecodes can be entered separated by commas.

Please note that the timecodes refer to the unsplit output stream. Therefore entering '00:10:00,00:20:00' will result in three files of which the first two will be roughly ten minutes long. The third piece will contain the rest of the input stream. This is independent of the 'file linking' feature.
Examples: '01:20:00' (split after 1 hour, 20 minutes) or '1800s' (split after 1800 seconds = 30 minutes).



Jun 14, 2009
PS3 won't play .MKV. You have to convert to .VOB for the PS3 to play it natively from the PS3 harddrive, and only after you have reduced the file sizes to less than 4gb.
The only reason you could watch it streaming before is that your PC was doing the transcoding, and thus the PS3 wasn't involved in most of the actual playing of the file, just the final display.

Tversity is awesome. When I first built this computer last year I was using x64, which Tversity didn't play onlong with unless you were using a wireless connection to the PS3 (weird). I don't use wireless, so I really missed Tversity until I upgraded to win7u64.

Personally, I would format my harddrive and reinstall windows if I had to to get Tversity to work again if it failed on me, instead of going through the hassle of splitting and converting .MKVs.