Firmware and BIOS updating Questions


Nov 25, 2012

I just picked up a bunch of parts off of amazon and new egg during the sales last week. In the process of waiting for the parts to arrive, I've started wondering about firmware. Specifically, whether or not I should install the most recent firmware or not.

Part of me wants to just wait and see if everything works as intended after I've built the computer. Another part of me wants the most up-to-date firmware out there. I am, however, concerned of somehow slowing down or otherwise ruining my new parts by installing up-to-date firmware.

The items in my build that I am most concerned with are the BIOS, SSD, HDD and the video card.

The motherboard is an ASRock z77 extreme 4. The latest bios was released 11/14/12. It can be seen here:
Is updating a bios easy? Is it necessary/recommended? Can I harm my motherboard by doing so?

The SSD is an Intel 330 Series. As far as I know, this will be the easiest to update. I just install the handy software intel provides and let it do its thing. But, is it recommended?

The HDD is a Seagate Barracuda 2tb drive which apparently sometimes suffers from a nasty chirp. Also, a firmware update apparently may fix this chirp. In order to update this firmware I would simply install and run the updater located in this article:
Again, is this recommended if I do not experience the chirp, or other problems?

And lastly, perhaps the most confusing issue with firmware updating is the video card, an EVGA GTX 670 FTW. After doing a little reading about it, I found a post on the EVGA forums about a firmware update, which you can view here:
This one is perhaps the one I'm most afraid of updating, perhaps because I can only find anything about the firmware on their forums.

If anyone could shed any light on this for me, that would be great.



Mar 14, 2006
i would update the firmware. The MB and GPU probably won't need them, but they can be done from Windows so they are easy enough. The HDD is odd, but if you notice a chirp I guess try that out. SSD should definitely get updated, they often fix serious issues, not sure about the 330 specifically.