Question Flash bios button stays static red when trying to update

Nov 29, 2022
So I have a few new components to my pc, two of them are a motheboard (msi-z690-a pro) and a CPU (i7-13700k). I havent managed to get any visual on my monitor and everything is pluged in correctly (checked multiple times) and the cpu socket doesnt have any bent pins and checked so my cmos battery isnt dead (which it isnt). So all that’s left is to update my bios right? But when i try to do this the flash bios button stays static red and have been for over 10min (as of writing this) and hasnt flashed at all, it only did that when i pushed the button at first. I checked and I have a usb2.0 thumb drive that contains the latest bios update, and from what I read in the manual it’s supposed to be usb2.0 in that port. And I'm pretty sure it's a problem with the cpu since the cpu led is lightning up red every time I start the computer (the only leds that are turned on is cpu which is red and dram which is yellow).