Question FPS is low in Valorant ?

Aug 12, 2022
Hi. My build is Ryzen 7 5800X3D, ROG Strix 3080 12GB and 16GB 3600 ram. I am having 300-400 fps in valorant. While my friend is just rocking a i5-12600 and a 3060, he almost have the same FPS as i have. And when I switch between low and high graphics settings I still get the same FPS. May I know is this normal or any fix to this. Thank you in advance.


How do I boost my cpu ?
You DON'T. It does that on its own...

This is the new benchmark I have updated bios and chipset driver closed all the background stuff running. But still couldnt detect.
Oh hey, the cpu's doing its turbo now, so it looks like you fixed that one.
Gpu still crashed, huh? Hmm...
Provide the make and model of the power supply, so it can be looked up.
Ran Display Driver Uninstaller(safe mode) then installed the gpu driver?
Try manually setting the PCIe x16 link speed to gen 3 instead of the default auto setting. I believe you'll need to go into the bios' advanced mode > advanced tab > onboard devices configuration to do it.

Vic 40

Might be good to do a fresh install of the Nvidia drivers. Use DDU to get rid of what you use now and install the latest (again as i see now). Might even want to use the "Studio Drivers" for abit better stability, won't impact performance.

Also see that your ram isn't running the optimal speed so enable DOCP in the bios for the best settings.

Corsair CMH16GX4M2Z3600C18 2x8GB = 16GB DIMM DDR4 clocked @ 2666 MHz
Bob.B, why are you obsessing so much over lowering cpu background? ZihengZz isn't even being flagged for it.
Around 10% is fine, and not going to abruptly break performance.
Obsessing? just pointing out what shows in UBM.

Is it having any affect on the ops problem? me.

You bring it down and you test.

Or you can just say 'it can't be that' and you move on.