[SOLVED] Games running slower after CPU overclock

Jul 17, 2019
My friends and I recently decided we wanted to try modded Minecraft again. After using Aternos for a while and putting up with the long start times and crashes when starting, I decided I would try hosting a server on my computer. It worked better than Aternos did other than some lag when there where lots of mobs around. So I decided that maybe overclocking my CPU could help. I was able to get 4.8Ghz without changing the voltage with my Cryorig h7 cooled i7-7700k. I did stress tests to make sure it was stable and also tested with Cinebench and beat my previous score by about 50. The problems started when I loaded into my Minecraft server the servers ticks per second, as well as my fps, was worse than before I had overclocked. Could this be a voltage problem or something else entirely? (side note although it said 4.8Ghz in the bios task manager said 4.79Ghz not sure if that is normal or not. My motherboard is a Gigabyte Z170XP-SLI and I have both my Minecraft and the server running on different SSDs)


The BCLK is based on a physical quartz crystal on your motherboard, tolerances are usually with .1% but that variation adds up when you are talking multipliers of 48, this can lead to slight rounding down or up on the final clock speed. Perfectly normal.

What do the temperatures look like? You probably need to add more input voltage or more core voltage. Cinebench is a good quick stability test, but it is no long duration load.

There is also the cache frequency to consider, as you increase the clock speed you might be causing misses between the cache and the cores. Setting is usually referred to as the Uncore.

Not sure if AVX is used in Minecraft or for Minecraft servers, but if it is, that is a much harsher load on the CPU.

Just something you will have experiment with.

For reference:
i7-7700k @ 5.0Ghz ~1.416 volts (Water cooled, de-lidded and re-pasted (not liquid metal))
100Mhz x 50, Uncore at 45x, (actual memory clock neatly divides in three times (1500Mhz)
I can't recall my Vinput setting at the moment, but I imagine it is around 2 volts.
2x8 DDR4 3000Mhz

My CPU is a fairly poor sample and needs a lot of voltage to get the job done, but I wanted a 5Ghz build.