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  1. JustFrokeii

    Question Pc won’t boot after flashing 5700 to 5700xt

    I flashed my 5700 to 5700xt now my pc won’t boot. All my fans turn on and it looks like everything works but I get nothing on my monitor. Specs Rx 5700 R5 2600 3200mhz cl14 ram Gigabyte ab350 gaming 3 mobo 500w Corsair psu
  2. R

    Question XFX - RX 570 8 GB or Sapphire Radeon RX 550 4GB?

    Hi everybody, I'm not very good at hardware and stuff like this so I bought this PC: Lenovo ideacentre 720-18 APR, with Ryzen 5 2400, RAM 8 GBs and graphics RX Vega 11. At the very start I used my pc to study and other stuff, and it was great with it, but as a console gamer I'm now getting into...
  3. DaPro_Skillz

    [SOLVED] I’m planning to build a PC in the near future and wanted some feedback on my list.

    I wanted to save some money on my new PC. My friend and I have been tweaking this list for 5 months now, preparing. If there’s anything different you’d do, please let me know. Feedback would be great! The PC will be used for gaming in 1080p 144hz (GTA V, Minecraft, Warzone, Roblox), streaming...
  4. K

    Question One beep, no boot: Asus motherboard. Tried many things - need your ideas and finally a decision.

    I'm having trouble with my desktop computer. It had been running smoothly since 2013. I used it for music production, some video stuff and (very) occasional gaming. For some months I haven't been able to boot it. I'm neither talented nor knowledgable in hardware stuff. I have had several runs of...
  5. Baatop

    Question Getting further with troubleshooting but ran into new problem after BIOS update

    I’ve made other post on here about my build I’m working with and I’ve gotten a lot further since then. specs Mobo-B450-A-PRO Gpu-ROG 1660 super 6gb Ram-trident z 3600hz Cpu-Ryzen 5 3600 PSU-EVGA 750 GOLD Modular I just updated the bios and now the EZ-DEBUG lights go down to the VGA and don’t...
  6. Baatop

    Question Pc powers on then shuts off right way.

    My other post I just made I just bought a different PSU and it didn’t work. Like I said before the EZ-DEBUG ones on only for the CPU and it doesn’t go past that. It’s does boot all the way. Just lights up and shuts down after 4 seconds. Need help
  7. TyroNNN

    Question Please Help!! My PC randomly shutts itself while playing games

    CPU: Intel Core i5-9400F GPU: Nvidia GTX 1060-6GB SSD: Corsair Force LE 240GB HDD: Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 2TB RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2400 C16 2x8GB MBD: Gigabyte GA-B365 M AORUS ELITE-CF PWS: Corsair 650W | 650txv2 This is my specs I tried everything thru internet to find the...
  8. Postal_Toast

    Question PC stuttering in games but smooth when i use ps4 controller.

    I am playing on 2k 144Hz Gsync monitor 2nd monitor 60hz 1080p. Cpu and Gpu ms match. only stutters when i use mouse, but if i use Gamepad its smooth. i have tried almost everything to fix the problem. what could be causing this? CPU 8700k 3.70GHz Motherboard MSI A370 a Pro Memory CORSAIR...
  9. S

    [SOLVED] Macro for corsair k70 ICUE

    I'm trying to make a macro that when pressed and held down will register two different keypresses being held down at the same time. Specifically, I want R and E to be activated when I press L and deactivate once I stop holding down L. If it is possible how do I do this?
  10. GoodBoy5110

    Question Should I buy a ROG Strix 2 RX 570 4gb or a PowerColor Red Dragon RX 580 4gb

    I found two really cheap graphics Cards at a really legit computer store sale and wondering to buy a ROG Strix 2 RX 570 4gb Gaming OC or a PowerColor Red Dragon RX 580 4gb Gaming at the same price. Their price are at 100$
  11. A

    Question How do I put my OS and files from my existing SSD to my existing HDD without losing anything?

    So I currently have both a ssd (256gb silicon power ssd) and hdd (2tb seagate barracuda 7200rpm) in my PC right now. I also currently have windows 10 and some files and applications on my ssd. Everything else is on the hdd. The problem I was having was that my pc randomly freezes and is followed...
  12. R

    [SOLVED] Upgrading my desktop pc to a budget gaming pc

    Hello :) I am upgrading my old pc to a budget gaming pc. Is 300-350watt power supply enought for the system ? And is my cpu cooler good enought ? My motherboard Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd. H77N-WIFI The cpu i am putting in th the...
  13. emheadchef

    Question need help

    Ok so just so you know im on a tight budget and bought a pre built PC So i have a Dell Inspiron 620 socket with a i5-2320, GTX750ti and a 450w PSU. Im just wondering on what GPU's will be compatible with this set up ?
  14. C

    Question What RAM does my motherboard use? Help Please!

    Hi all, I am kind of new to upgrading RAM and would love some help as to what RAM I should upgrade to. My motherboard specs say that my motherboard has "2 * 240-pin DDR3 DIMM slots - Dual Channel DDR3 1600/1333 MHz non-ECC, un-buffered memory (max 16GB)". I currently have 8GB (2 4GB sticks)...
  15. Axelovskji

    [SOLVED] AMD Radeon rx5700 that doesn't work

    There are so many things that are wrong... Installing ANY driver results in BSOD inbetween 30 seconds and 30 minutes after being installed, with the message "video tdr failure, atikmpag.sys." Tried AMD clean uninstall, nothing changed Tried a DDU, nothing changed Played LOL for an hour maybe...
  16. T

    Question Nioh black screen and crash after startup! Need help!

    I start nioh.exe and it shows black screen for few seconds and then it crashes. Tried to change resolution and graphics but it doesn't help.
  17. Marrufo

    Question New gaming pc won’t start up

    Okay so I built a new gaming pc with a Rx 5700 , and a 5 3600 , mother board - x370 Asus strix f gaming ( not compatible with Ryzen 5) so built everything and all the fans spin and the leds turn on and the pc to but there’s no display , I was thinking it could be cause the bios needs a update...
  18. B

    Question Need help removing an app/software that wont go away.

    I had a zip file I couldn't remember the password to, so I tried to get a zip password recovery software. I have since deleted the software as I was able to find the password, but every time I start my computer I get a pop up in the bottom right of my screen saying update is ready from the zip...
  19. Drakathz

    Question My audio software dont work on chrome

    My audio software doesn't have any effect on audio from chrome, firefox, edge or any other browser really. The only thing it changes the audio is from videos or music i have downloaded and games. It is quite anoying as i like to play a lot of music from browser and i want my software to have an...
  20. symmxtric

    [SOLVED] I am building a new build for Christmas, and here are the parts I picked out.

    I am building a new build for Christmas, and here are the parts I picked out. Would this build be successful? All the parts that I picked seem reliable...