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  1. symmxtric

    Question Bottlenecking

    I was originally going to purchase a Ryzen 7 2700x for my RTX 2060, but then later found out a guide by TechSource that said the Ryzen 5 2600 would be able to handle an RTX 2070. I do not wish to bottleneck whatever build I build, so I’m looking for advice in knowing if a 2600 would work with an...
  2. B

    [SOLVED] Is there any chance of me fitting a front 360 mm aio in my case?

    So I want to water cool my CPU but I have run into a problem I have a Corsair 460x and my GPU is a Zotac amp extreme 2080ti. This card is extremely long and leaves little space for a radiator and my ram looks like it would interfere with any rad mounted on the top. Can someone take a look and...
  3. K

    [SOLVED] my 1660ti is underperforming

    i recently ordered a 1660ti from amazon and it came today and i installed it and everything . I benchmarked with heaven dx11 and i got over 120 fps on ultra with 8x anti a but then when i play destiny 2 on literaly just medium settings 1080 p i can only get 40-50 fps and i’ve watched videos of...
  4. Question Is this CPU compatible with my Motherboard?

    I currently revived a pre-built computer by moving it into a new case. I'm currently looking to upgrade the GPU to an RTX 2070, but my current CPU would be a little too weak to let the 2070 "unleash its full power". I'm wondering if an Intel Core i5-9600k would work with my current motherboard...
  5. symmxtric

    Question Bottlenecking Problem

    Would using a Core i7-7700 (not K), and an Asus ROG RTX 2070 be bottlenecking? I'm trying to get an RTX 2070, but am not sure if my current CPU is too weak.
  6. J

    [SOLVED] Need Help !! My PC won't turn on, only the led from the ram works and heatsink is blinking on and off.

    My pc was working completely fine I could turn it on. But until this evening, when i come back, it won't turn on anymore, when i hit the power button, nothing happen, even the motherboard led light won't come on, too. Only the led from the trident Royale ram turns completely on and doesn’t...
  7. H

    [SOLVED] PC not powering properly

    When powering my PC the only thing that kicks on is the CPU fan and the ram sticks. I really need help. Here’s a video of my pc not powering on properly View:
  8. I

    [SOLVED] Need help upgrading rig to a good VR rig for valve index

    I'm very new to PC building but I'm trying to upgrade my PC into a decent VR rig for valves index. I wanna try and keep as many parts of my old rig as possible so I don't spend a ridiculous amount of money. I know I am going to have to upgrade my GPU but I am not sure if decent VR GPU'S will be...
  9. Z

    Question New build wont output anything to displays.

    Hi, I've been having a pretty rough day with this brand new build. Anyways, my pc is not outputing anything to my monitor and I have tried connecting it to 2 other TVs but with no avail. It startups up basically but no signal is coming from it. My build: Ryzen 5 1500x RX 580 B350 Gaming Pro 2...
  10. K

    Question Redish/orange light on B360-I motherboard

    I have a ROG STRIX B360-I motherboard, and my computer shut off while I was playing a game and wouldn’t turn back on. There’s a red light on the bottom of the MB on whenever I attempt to turn on the computer. I looked on the forums for help and I’ve tried everything from...
  11. G

    [SOLVED] Unstable Hardware (CPU RAM SSD HDD

    (Crossposted from Reddit) I started Benchmarking my PC a while ago and wanted to max out my Performance. I was able to Overclock my GPU, a GTX 1070 Ti fom Asus, Stable. (0 Artifacts, and always 99% - 101% Score in UserBenchmark) I realized that my Memory in general (RAM, SSD and HDD) are...
  12. SniperSpree58


    Hey everyone, I recently started experiencing a similar issue to another user. This is a new PC, built about 2 weeks ago, and for the first week and a half it worked like a charm, no issues whatsoever. Then, about 4 days ago, I randomly started experiencing WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR BSODs at...
  13. L

    [SOLVED] Beginner PC build help...... please lol

    Hello all! So I have been trying to research and I understand the basic concepts but then it turns to Chinese when it comes to intel v amd, the graphic card .2xrs91 etc.. I’m going to leave it to the experts (you all) and could you guys just recommend some solid builds from Pc part picker to...
  14. N

    Question which graphics card and will my motherbaord support it

    Hi I built a very low budget PC a few years ago and I am ready to make some upgrades to it. I think I am going to go with a MSI Geforce GTX 1660 ti for $269 or is there something else in the $250 - $300 range that I should get instead? I am also going to get the ryzen 5. Will my old Gigabyte...
  15. Z

    Question [Need Help] Corsair 115i AIO - Fans RPM 0

    Hello everyone. So I am using Corsair's 115i AIO liquid cooler and it was working fine, no issues, until yesterday. I installed new hard drive in the system for which i had to open the back unplugged the power cables to manage the connection for my HDD and then put everything back to gather and...
  16. B

    Question Question about the 2080ti

    I am thinking about saving up for a 2080ti over the next few months but I have noticed that there is a large price range between the different models. I was wondering if it is really worth it to put in the extra money and get one of the ones that cost more or is the performance increase not...
  17. B

    [SOLVED] Games running slower after CPU overclock

    My friends and I recently decided we wanted to try modded Minecraft again. After using Aternos for a while and putting up with the long start times and crashes when starting, I decided I would try hosting a server on my computer. It worked better than Aternos did other than some lag when there...
  18. J

    [SOLVED] Lower fps on a good graphics card

    I have a gtx 1660 + ryzen 5 2600 and im not getting the expected performance. Whenever I play fortnite at low setting and view distance on epic, it gets about 100-140 fps. But ive watched many yt videos of low settings getting over 200 fps. And i get terrible microstutters. It just goes to like...
  19. CharbelC

    Question Need Advice About this PC

    so...hello i have been gaming(or struggling ) for few years on my intel i3 laptop with integrated graphics card and 4gb of ram and today i want to buy a gaming pc for something not higher then 700$ and i found this one but i dont have a lot of knowledge in computer parts due to the huge amount...
  20. Question Windows 10 Taskbar right click bug

    I was having a problem with audio and then i formated my computer, after that this problem was solved but now i have a new problem... Whenever i right click a pinned folder/program on taskbar the thing that open on the right click window dont work, it says "The item you selected is not...
  21. S

    Question how much should i sell my custom built pc

    this is the specs of my rig 2x ASUS titan x (Maxwell ) sli water cooled by a 480mm radiator (EK water case) intel 4960x water cooled by 360mm radiator 24gb ram dominator corsair 2133mhz 3x8 (ddr3) rampage IV black edition motherboard corsair 900d high tower case 1 tb SSD Samsung evo 2 tb...
  22. Drakathz

    [SOLVED] random audio Glitch/stutter/freeze

    The computer i have was built by myself, and ever since i built it there has been a problem with the audio which happens randomly. I have tried A LOT of diferent "fixes" but nothing solved the problem. It happens while watching a movie/serie/youtube/music/gaming. Basically everything that has...
  23. Y

    Discussion Hey guys I need some assistance with my pre boot pc

    Ok so here are the specs. PC CASE: Corsair spec-04 MB: gigabyte x470 CPU: AMD 5 2600 Cooler: Stock wraith cooler storage: western digital 500 gigs ssd PSU: EVGA G3 650w GPU: ZOTAC 1050ti Memory: 16 gigs of ddr4 (2x8) Corsair Vengeance So I've been checking these forums a lot in the past week or...
  24. T

    Question computer worsening

    about a month ago i used to be able to play games like overwatch and minecraft with little to no lag on the highest settings. however, now whenever i load up overwatch i get about 45-60 fps and 52 degrees celcius on the lowest settings. the only difference in between the times was that my dad...
  25. C

    [SOLVED] High ping in game from network Please help I gave up on trying.

    So I have a TP link archer T6E and It has great reviews for wireless gaming. (parents will net let me route Ethernet to my room) So lately I Have been play rainbow 6s and my ping spikes (now I have always had normal network spikes idk why but never ping) so it has been getting annoying. so I...
  26. B

    Question What stick of ram to buy for dual channel

    I have a 2013 msi gc16 laptop with a 4700mq and a gtx 765m. I am yearning for some more performance out of this thing so i can talk myself out of a new laptop. Already re-pasted to drop 30 degrees celsius on the gpu and 20 degrees on the cpu. She already has an ssd so i figured it was time to...
  27. hapri

    Question BSOD windows 10 not booting need help asap

    Making new build put all parts together and even booted windows 10 pro onto it and it worked fine. Also I have tried using a different key and trying to boot it from the 2tb hard drive and same thing happens again. However i have a i5-6600k and asus z170-e motherboard so that i can overclock...
  28. M

    Question No display issue msi rx 580

    So I’m having the issue of no display detected on my new pc build I’m using an Msi rc 580 armor (8gb) Ryzen 5 2600 Asus prime b450m-a Evga 600 bq PSU Ballistix sport (8x2) ram Viewsonic VX2276-SM-HD I’m having trouble identifying the issue specifically, however when I plug into the HDMI on the...
  29. P

    Build Advice Please help me please i basically cannot use my computer.

    I built this computer like a month ago and i just can't use it anymore, everytime i open something like for example task manager or folder it freezes and my mouse becomes that reloading circle and it says that app not responding. This even happens in desktop, i try to click on something and...
  30. apollote

    [SOLVED] Help! - PC Problems

    Alright, so I built my PC the beginning of December of 2018. I started a game, and around 5-10 minutes in, my computer would freeze and the last sound would loop/stutter. I’ve been searching for months for answers, but have come to no solution. These days, my computer freezes for no reason...
  31. [SOLVED] Port forwarding not working for some reason

    It doesn't work in any application. I've tried setting the external ip to and Everything's allowed though windows firewall. Didn't have issues before switching isp and getting this router.
  32. B

    Question Installed 1050ti on Prebuilt HP and vga isnt working!

    I got a nee Gpu (1050ti) for my pre built desktop Hp elite the biggest model. But when install I have no signal on my vga monitor. I have my vga cable still connected to my monitor. I havent got a hdmi monitor yet. Whats the solution? Did I do something wrong?
  33. W

    Question 5 beeps no post or boot

    So I have had my built system for around 6 months, it only had 16gb of RAM so I bought another 16gb stick recently. I put the stick in and the PC wouldnt boot. 5 Beeps and resets iteslf, no post nor boot. nothing. Took the RAM back out, still the same. 5 beeps. took the other dimm out, still the...
  34. I

    Don't know how to connect card reader

    Hi! I've run into a bit of a problem here. I've no clue how to connect my card reader to my motherboard. I'm fairly certain it's an ancient reader, but should work nonetheless I hope. I have one open USB thing on my motherboard, but connecting it randomly there probably isn't the best idea. It...
  35. benjamin_a_hu92

    [SOLVED] Best CPU with RTX2080 only for gaming!

    Hi guys! I had a dilemma with my new PC, I can not decide which CPU to buy since more than a month now. I considered many options, 9700k, 8700 non-K, 9600k and also Ryzen 2700x. And now the 3rd gen Ryzens are coming and maybe I should wait for the Ryzen 3800x, 3700x benchmark. My priority is...
  36. M

    [SOLVED] Should I push pull with different fans?

    Hello everyone. I have the corsair h100iv2 water cooler, and the Silverstone rl06gp pc case. With the watercooler i got 2×120mm fans with those specs: Maximum Fan Speed: 2435 rpm Noise Level: 37.7 dBA Maximum Airflow: 70.69 CFM Static pressure: 4.65 mm-H2O On the rl06 case i got 4×120mm fans...
  37. K

    ASUS LGA 1151 PRIME Z270-A Intel ATX Motherboard

    Hi, I builded my pc 7 years ago and I think its time to buy something new :) My idea is to buy: -ASUS LGA 1151 PRIME Z270-A Intel ATX Motherboard -Intel Core i7 6700K Processor (4 GHz, 4 Core, 8 Threads, 8 MB cache, LGA1151 Socket Box) -Corsair CMK8GX4M2B3000C15 Vengeance LPX 8 GB (2 x 4 GB)...
  38. N

    Ryzen RAM on Intel?

    Hi, this G.Skill Trident Z RAM is currently on sale and i'm interested in buying it, however i'm just checking that it should work on my Motherboard since it's "AMD Ryzen Edition". Does this mean it still will work with XMP on Intel? Specs below, thanks in advance. - ASRock Z170 Gaming K6+ -...
  39. kewlguy239

    Why GPU Pricing Is About to Drop Even Further

    Dwindling demand from crypto miners, a rumored overstock of Nvidia's 10-series GPUs, and the imminent arrival of 11-series GPUs is causing GPU prices to fall. Why GPU Pricing Is About to Drop Even Further : Read more
  40. M

    Disk failure please help !

    Ok guys so earlier in the week I was cleaning my cpu. I didn’t put thermal paste on and my pc monitor said no signal and my keyboard and mice was unresponsive. But I got thermal paste today and I put it on my cpu. My monitor was then connected to my pc but the screen said this- PCI devices...