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  1. J

    New Build - Will be used for CS Activities at Uni, light photo editing and very light gaming

    Hey all, Here is my part list: I will be doing CS (computer science) at Uni so this build will be running multiple programs, as well as a little of photo editing and very light gaming (browser based and WOT) and also watching vids. Is this going to run things...
  2. H

    I'm look for a cheap computer for around 200 buck

    I want a computer for around 200 dollars that I can get 50 fps or better any suggestions
  3. F

    Corrupted "asycfilt.dll file"Windows 8.1 Enterprise N x64

    Hi guys.!! Am new to this fourm.. I have been experiencing an error with asycfilt.dll file it says that "C:\windows\system32\asycfilt.dll is either not designed to run on windows or it contains an error. Error status 0x000012f" whenever my system starts. I tried downloading from diff websites...
  4. A

    600W PSU for GTX 980 Ti Lightning

    I recently picked up an open-box item from Newegg. It came with an AMD R9 285 MSI Gaming 2GB card, and a standard 600W Bronze PSU. I added a 240GB SSD to go along with the 1TB WD HD that came with the computer. When I go to PC part picker, and swap out the AMD with the GTX 980 ti, it says...
  5. T

    Need help deciding

    Which is more powerful in the statement below? The processor has been upgraded from a Pentium D 3.4GHz to a newer and more powerful Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz Processor.
  6. O

    Is this a good build for gaming?

    I would like to know your opinion Motherboard: ASUS MAXIMUS VIII Hero Z170 Processor: Intel® CoreT i7 6700k 4.GHz/4.2GHz Turbo QUAD Core CPU w/ Hyperthreading 8MB L3 Cache MAINGEAR Redline Overclocking Service: YES! - Redline? Overclock My System! Memory: 16GB Corsair® DOMINATORT...
  7. Titillating

    Tom's Hardware Giveaway: Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain

    Good Monday to you all! This is an exciting week for some people. Tomorrow is the official release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain! And of course, we here at Tom’s Hardware are going to be giving a copy away! Since we only have one copy this time (sorry guys) we’re going to make this...
  8. S

    Help me choose a PSU

    Hi, guys. I'm looking in to buying a new PSU. I have settled on few brands/models that my chosen retailer provides. The PSU will be powering: Intel Core i5 4690k processor, nVidia GTX 770 graphics card, and 3 to 4 hard drives. MOBO is Asus Sabertooth z97 mk2 I will overclock my CPU and...
  9. T

    Random FPS drop in CS:GO.

    So my friend just bought a new processor (AMD FX-8370 Black Edition, Socket-AM3+, 8cores 4,0ghz) And when he plays CS:GO he gets around 250-280 FPS, But sometimes he gets a random FPS drop around 60FPS and when that happends the CPU-Fan gets quiet and when he drops from 250-280FPS to 60FPS he...
  10. A

    Upgrade from gtx 750 ti to 280x?

    I currently have a gtx 750 ti oc edition and a friend is selling his r9 280x for cheap. So at most I'm looking at like 30-40 bucks after I get rid of the 750. Is that worth it for the upgrade or would I be better off sticking with the 750 a little longer? Thanks!
  11. M

    New PC build power supply worries

    I am building a new pc for my friend which is on a budget The parts I have selected are FX 8350 Asus m5a97 8gb of ram gtx 555 120gb ssd 1tb hdd I was planing to use a Gigabyte Odin Pro 550w to power it While I am certain 550...
  12. E

    Looking for network help

    If I put my comcast router in my basement how can I get good wifi in my home. House is vey large and wired with cat 5e throughout and all the cat 5 e are in a cabinet were I'd like to put the router?
  13. A

    Lenovo G580 20157 my laptop is not getting

    Lenovo G580 20157 my laptop is not getting on but while pressing the power switch the white light and fan will run then it will go turn off then it will start automatically off on off on and the Display will be blank. so kindly let me know what is the problem..?
  14. C

    Fight night games

    Hi guys just wondering if they is a way to get fight night 4 or champion on pc as there is no way to emulate PS3 or Xbox Cheers
  15. C

    ARCTIC Alpine 11 Plus vs. Stock

    So I just bought all of my PC parts and I didn't even think about overclocking (very new to PCs). However I was looking for something that would look nice in my build, keep my CPU (i5 4690k) cooler than the stock, and maybe let me OC it up to 3.7/8ghz. Since I have the MSI Krait Z97 mobo (the...
  16. K

    Is this good for a decent gaming build ?

    First of all i want to thank you guys, you helped me so much in choosing the parts I wanted and it got me to this list. What do you think? Any changes or better parts, cheaper parts. I don't intend to SLI/Crossfire, at least not at first. CPU: AMD FX-8350 4.0GHz 8-Core Processor CPU Cooler...
  17. H

    External hard drive not responding.

    I called to customer support and they asked me to download drivers. After download the driver still same My external hard disk still not working. They asked me go to another step which is do a diagnostic. I tried extended scan but after 12 hours scan just a very little amount scanned. Should I...
  18. trackerjackerly

    What's a Wifi Router?

    this questioN is really stupid, Do wifi routers boost gaming speeds and download and upload speeds?
  19. A

    Is My Build Fit For Purpose?

    Hi Folks, :) I am in the process of selecting the best package for my workstation specs, and I think I have come up with a good solution, but I would like your opinions/advice about if these specs are fit for purpose. And my purpose for this workstation is editing DSLR footage using Adobe...
  20. addison

    Will I be bottlenecked?

    I got a r9 270 for a pretty good price, 150$ today. My PC has 5GB DDR2 800MHZ (yeah I know, a low amount, my CPU cooler is very large so it makes a takes over 1 ram module slot. 550 Power Up! PSU AMD Athlon 2 X4 635 I know my CPU is pretty old. I got it 5 or so years ago, it was basically as...
  21. S

    Msi gaming 5

    So guys am unable to track down MSI's service centre in my are of nearby radius. Have decided to move over to some other brand now.. Earlier i was planning to get the Msi Z97 Gaming 5 for my new build but seems i wont be able to.. Please suggest me some other brand - ASUS or GIGABYTE mobo of...
  22. A

    Is my mobo compatible with the r9 280 gpu

    I have a gigabyte h61m d2 b3 mobo is it compatible with the r9 280
  23. J

    Gtx 960 SLI question

    Hi, I am new at the world of the pc gamin, Im the owner of a gtx 960, its of 2 gb of ddr5 ram, and on amazon I saw a gtx 960 with 4 gb of ddr5 ram, my question is: Can I SLI my 960 with the 960 of 4 gb from EVGA?
  24. A

    Replaced the motherboard

    I got a new motherboard for a computer that had had its motherboard fried. I reassembled it and plugged it into my tv but nothing came on. My friend suggested that something else like the graphics card or processor could have gotten fried too. Any help or ideas?
  25. A

    Can someone check my build (this is my first time).

    Thanks for reading and i appreciate all the help. I am building a system completely from scratch. I have about 1,000 dollars but I do not want to spend it all if i don't have too. Im looking for a computer that can game and keep up with the future for a few years. Im not hardcore about gaming...
  26. M

    Really bad flickering and color changes. Something wrong with my video card?

    This has been going on for months and has been getting steadily more frequent. I recorded it. Does anyone know what's going on? I just replaced the VGA cable and the VGA adapter yesterday but that didn't fix a thing. I also moved my computer closer to the monitor so the cords aren't being tugged...
  27. exfileme

    Gaming Will Eventually Invade Microsoft's HoloLens

    Gaming will eventually infiltrate Microsoft's new augmented reality headset. Gaming Will Eventually Invade Microsoft's HoloLens : Read more
  28. B

    Looking to upgrade PC

    Okay, so I have been looking to upgrade my rig for a bit now, and actually have a job now. I was wondering what parts of mine I should keep, and which ones you think I should upgrade. Part List: GPU: AMD Radeon 6950 HD CPU: Phenom II 1090t 6 core Hard Drive: 2 seperate 1 TB 7200 RPM, 5 years...
  29. E

    Dell Bios Help

    Hi, I was wondering how to access my Dell Inspiron 3847 i5 BIOS. I think Dell has made it locked, so any suggestions to entering the BIOS are helpful.
  30. G

    Is the AMD FX-9590 Overclockable?

    Title says it all. I know its already an over clocked fx-8450 but I just wandered if it could be over clocked further, with the right cooler, to achieve amazing speeds.
  31. L

    Would this PC be any good?

    hi im going to build a gaming pc. I want to run games at medium- high settings and i was wondering is these pc specs would be good enough FX6300 Asus m5a97 evo r 2.0 Zalman z9 Plus WD 1TB Caviar Blue 8GB(2x4GB) HyperX 1866mhz Corsair 550W CX Asus GTX 750TI
  32. C

    problems with the r9 290

    So hears whats happening, i just bought an gigabyte windforce r9 290, i have it oc to core 1071 and left the mem at 1250. i used msi afterburned but when running the kombustor stress test i never saw my core clock go above 930 mhz, what is wrong
  33. J

    Computer doesn't POST when all 4 RAM Sticks are inserted

    Originally, I had all 4 sticks of ram in my computer setup with the 1Gb, 2 Gb, 1 Gb, 2 Gb configuration and everything worked fine. I then attempted to update my BIOS to get a new graphics card to work. Both times I updated the BIOS it was successful, but it wouldn't boot to POST and required a...
  34. J

    1330x0 screen resolution

    I recently upgraded to a Geforce GTX 680 from a GTX 650 on my windows 8.1 PC, but for some reason, My monitor displays a green pixelated screen and says the resolution is 1330x0. The computer posts on start, but I can't see the bios because of the aforementioned problem. My specs are: MOBO...
  35. K

    traffic on UDP protocol is 3 times bigger than traffic on TCP

    My LAN monitoring software show that I have a lot of traffic on UDP, 3 times bigger than traffic on TCP. Also, I've noticed that upload is 4 times bigger than download. I want to know if is usual or not? What kind of services or applications use UDP protocol? Can be identified the application...
  36. W

    GTX 470 Driver Issue (black screen)

    Hey guys, I just recently started having an issue with my graphic card ( I think). It happened yesterday while running some applications in the background (League of Legends, FIreFox). I tried googling driver issues, black screen issues, etc. I have no idea what the problem is other than it is...
  37. E

    Troube with VPNs

    Whenever I try to use a VPN (In this case cyberghost5) it just disconnects my internet and when I turn it off everything goes normal again. I also tried Hotspot Shield and I doesn't work
  38. P

    Whats wrong with this site??

    Last night and now it keeps logging me out ! It's starting to get annoying
  39. Jonathan Cave

    My Asus Strix GTX 970 review

    Today i bought 2 x Asus STRIX GTX 970's to replace my Zotac 780 TI OC. £600 for both cards. i5 4670k @ 4.0ghz 16GB 1600 2 x Asus GTX 970 I've managed a stable overclock to 1442mhz GPU (Boost) and 1824Mhz Memory (still early days) I'm blown away how powerful these cards are in SLI. Card...
  40. P

    Laptop upgrade T9300 to QX9300?

    Hi all, Can I upgrade from my current dual core T9300 to a QX9300. P socket is correct I know that much (PGA478). I have a 65W transformer, (Q1) is this enough power? TDP is 45W on the Qaud and 35W on the dual core. It runs the dual core without issues; battery as well (10.8v dc, 4400mah)...