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  1. C

    No Sound Far Cry 5 (Headphones Only)

    This might not be the best place to ask but I am desperate and hoping someone here might shed some light on this issue. Nvidia Shadowplay's recording may have actually given me a clue. I don't get sound through my Corsair Void headset ONLY when playing Far Cry 5 - I get sound in all other...
  2. I

    i7-8700K vs i5-8600K vs i5-8400 vs R5-1600

    Which would you get? The price difference between a build with 8700K and a 8600K is R$414.31($127.48), 8700K and 8400 is R$812.24($249.92) and 8700K to 1600 is R$1104.99($339.99). The Ryzen one seems to offer a lot for its price, but, considereing that a game lasts about 2/3 years to develop, we...
  3. M

    7700k requiring too much voltage for 4.8ghz?

    So, I've been trying to find a stable overclock for my i7-7700k and am getting pretty disheartened. I'm currently running 4.7ghz at 1.235v without issue. (any lower and it can't even complete a run with cinebench or realbench. Won't boot at 1.2v.) My temps stay at around 75 or so in realbench...
  4. M

    Power Supply suggestions

    I currently have the corsair CX 500. This is the one I've heard that it's not the best so I'm gonna replace it in a few months. My system...
  5. T

    PCIe WiFi card

    Here is the card I’m looking at I’m wondering what you guys think about it http://
  6. destinywarlock55

    Ryzen 3 1300X hit 90C in less than 5mins of test.

    Hello, I am an ameture overclocker, i should of said that on my first post. I recently was able to get to 3.95GHz on 1.33750V, i ran cine bench twice, no crashes. I decided to run Prime 95 since every one is saying to stress it for like 10 hours, but before even getting to 5 minutes the...
  7. Dave Brien

    Updating my cpu - 6700k to 7700k

    Proper noob here ;-) My motherboard is a z170x G1 running on a 6700k and it says that its "supports" the 7th gen 7700k, but what i want to know is - can i just install the 7700k without going into the bios at all or will i need to go into the bios first?
  8. N

    Should I buy i7 8700K or wait for Cannon Lake instead ?

    Hello ATM, I have i7 2700K/GTX 1070 and I am going to buy Volta XX80 Ti GPU in future. Should I buy i7 8700K or is it going to bottleneck Volta XX80 Ti GPU ? Should I wait for Cannon Lake instead ?
  9. P

    My first custom pc build need help!

    Hey guys i just made my first custom, gaming PC build and i would like to receive some feedback regarding my build since i am very new to PC building and i would really appreciate if you could help me and it would also be very helpful if you guys told me relative parts for my PC which are better...
  10. S

    The American Megatrends Screen

    I have seen this screen a lot lately and I have seen no fix for the current problem I have. It says "Please enter setup to recover BIOS settings". I have tried to do some things in bios, but when I save and restart my computer monitor will not come on and says nothing is being projected onto it...
  11. S

    How much can i overclock my ATI XFX 5450 GT ?

    Hi guys, i have an XFX 5450 1GB and so far have o.c'd to engine: 880mhz, memory 605mhz.. Can i push this any further without damaging the GPU ? Im looking to o'c because i get a bit of lag when playing certain maps on Counterstrike GO. Thanks
  12. The_Staplergun

    Swiftech or H115i

    I'm really torn on returning my h115i and getting a swiftech. I'm seeing it can provide a decent difference in temp. I'm wondering if it would be better for me running a 7700k. Would it be worth it for me to return the h115 to get a swiftech? When I oc to 5.0 I break the 80c but not by 10c...
  13. Jason Bowers

    Starting my computer without RAM

    I am working on building my computer, but my RAM has yet to be shipped. I want to make sure everything is hooked up properly, but I can boot anything up to check the motherboard codes. Is it possible to get that without my RAM? I am just worried that I might have messed something up and that's...
  14. L

    Want to Tom's Hardware website redesigned? I did it!

    Hi everyone! I don't have good spelling skill in English, so please forgive some mistakes. I'm web-designer from Russia and was looking for news-site project for my portfolio. And because Tom's Hardware always helps me pick best solutions i decided to do a conception. Now it's done, check out...
  15. H

    A great bargain

    Went to a local pawn shop in Jacksonville, Florida They had an MSI gaming laptop for $300 Apache pro 5th gen i7 16 GB RAM 970m graphics Awesome find originally posted at over $1200 Always wanted. One but wasn't going to pay that much for it. Long story short pawn shops have great bargains...
  16. D

    GTX 760 Dual monitors problem!

    Hi - i recently bought myself a new monitor(samsung LS27E391HS 27"). I thought i could use my new monitor as my main monitor and use my old monitor as my second monitor. But as i connected both monitors my new monitor was the only one who connected. When i tried identifying my monitors windows...
  17. T

    Expanding the wifi

    I have a router connected to a phone jack in one room, but there is another phone jack on the opposite side of the house. Can i connect another router to that phone jack to spread the wifi network? If I can, how?
  18. G

    Upgraded CPU GPU RAM and to an SSD, still lagging

    I recently upgraded my PC which was about 3-4 years old, I swapped out the motherboard to a Asus b150 pro gaming aura, Gigabyte 1070 G1 Gaming, 16 Gb Corsair 2400 DDr 4 Ram, and a sumsung 240gb ssd. But I'm still getting lag while playing games, even fifa16 on high. What's wrong with my pc?
  19. B

    Major Defrag issues!

    I'm trying to defrag my hard drive. The drive was 58% fragmented, I have no clue why because I had just done a reset on my computer. So I've been running the defrag for at least 48 hours and it pretty much stopped moving on pass 5. So I stopped it thinking it was defrag and it was only down 3...
  20. B

    In-Game Signs of GPU Overheating? Amongst other issues.

    So I was playing Overwatch with some friends, the Halloween event started yesterday. We played for about 4 hours, though between the third n fourth hour a flat plane popped up in the map obstructing my view, and when I walked through it n' tried to look back at it it was gone. One of my buds...
  21. Crashman

    Best Cases (Archive)

    Here are the best cases for custom PC builds. Our recommendations take cooling and noise into account, and most sell for less than $100. Best Cases : Read more
  22. W

    Weird things going on with RAM and RAM slots...

    Okay this one has got me scratching my head a bit... I have an Asus Z170I Pro Gaming board (mini itx). It's never been able to run my memory (2x8GB corsair kit) at XMP speeds (2666) - every time I turned on the XMP profile, the system would boot loop for a bit and then show up saying...
  23. S

    hydro h100i v2

    i know it is a watercooler but can i just install it without water or anything and it just work like a good aircooler?
  24. A

    can it handle core i5 1st gen ?

    hi guys i have dell optiplex 960 with core 2 quad q9600 ,and i want to know that will i be able to install core i5 in this thing?
  25. Ryan_81

    How to install drivers during windows install

    Okay this is hopefully the last thread I make about this. I have a Dell Poweredge 2900 I need to install the PERC 5i drivers during windows install of windows server 2008. But my problem is that How do I install these drivers? I have the installer downloaded. I just put them on the bootable USB...
  26. R

    windows 10 black screen

    Since the anniversary up-date I have been getting a random black screen that last about 1-3 seconds and it is very annoying.
  27. M

    Best 1440p monitor under $300?

    What is the best 1440p monitor I can get under 300? I have been looking at these, but I really can't decide. I am mostly an FPS gamer btw.
  28. J

    Need advice on PC build.

    This PC I made on parts picker is not from an experienced PC builder by no means, but that is why I am here to get some advice on what I may should do differently. First this PC will be primarily used for PC gaming. I will also use it for music production, and 3D modeling and rendering. To...
  29. L

    Should I use my PC w/o a GPU?

    Hello, I recently build my first PC. Here's my build. CPU: AMD FX-8350 MOBO: MSI 970 Gaming Power Supply: EVGA 750w Case: FD define s 16 gb of ram smamsung evo ssd and 1 tb hard drive. I purchased the new MSI rx 480 but it wont be coming in until two weeks and I already have all the other...
  30. E

    Is a 650W enough for a gtx 1070?

    Hey guys Is a evga g1 650w gold psu good enough for a msi gaming x gtx 1070 with the other components as well? I5 6500 16 DDR4 RAM 120GB SSD 500GB HARD DRIVE H170 PRO MOBO GTX 1070
  31. A

    Questions about power supply for new low-budget PC

    HELLO! Ok so as title says I'm building a somewhat low budget PC aaanddd I am total noob when it comes to building PC (well I know some bits and pieces). Here's what I've got so far... Mother: h110 CPU: i5 6400 2.7 ghz Video: gtx 970 Ram: 8(4x2) gb kingston hyperx fury I want to know if...
  32. I

    Cherry MX Green UK

    Hello everybody, I have been looking for a Cherry MX Green keyboard in the UK, if someone could provide me with a link I would be grateful. Thanks
  33. F

    Only 17Mbps Via LAN, wifi, or powerline adapter

    I have tested wifi, direct ethernet into LAN port, and a powerline adapter and all yeild about the same speed of ~17 Mbps. I live in an apartment that uses Blue Ridge internet. On there website the speed packages go from 15 Mbps to 60 Mbps. So in theory since I am getting 17 Mbps at worst the...
  34. extreametech

    Overclocking a FX-6300 to 4Ghz without VRMs getting hot?

    Hey guys so I posted here about potentially upgrading to Intel, they said save and to overclock my CPU to 4ghz if possible. The only constraint about this is my motherboard is a ASUS M5A97 LE R2.0 but the probelm is that it does have any heat sink on its VRMs. I don't want them to get hot as I...
  35. FreeerunFlame

    Lockups During Memtest and Mem Diagnostics

    I've been experiencing random lockups (mouse and keyboard both unresponsive) requiring hard reset. Sometimes it runs for hours without issues and sometimes it locks up minutes after login. :??: So I ran windows 10 memory diagnostics and it locked up during the extended test at 21%, the standard...
  36. U

    Review my build, advice please - comments and suggestions appreciated

    Hello- I'm building a mostly brand new system. I am hoping that the forum can look at the components below and let me know what they think. I want to make sure everything is compatible and that I'm getting decent quality components for the money. I put the reasons for my choices, which...
  37. D

    is my Power supply Sufficient to support two 1tb hdd and one 120 gb ssd ??

    Hi Folks My Pc Configuration is given below i am adding 1 tb wd blue 7200 64mb cache hard drive to this built my power supply is Antec VP450 will it be able to handle 2 hard drives or not and is it safe to add another ssd 120 gb as Os drive or Boot drive on top of two hard drives ? so my...
  38. S

    CPU problem but im not sure

    i just built a new computer and i was just doing normal things i always do and all of a sudden my comp just restarts on me, not sure what it was but my cpu temps are good, the only thing that i had open was WoW and then i pulled up chrome then it happened not sure what happened. My cpu is intel...
  39. R

    Google plus keeps syncing my photos

    Hello, I tried asking this question on Google plus forum, but no help. For whatever reason Google keeps syncing pics from my phone onto my Google plus account. I thought I disabled my Google plus account, but when I went to change my Gmail profile picture, I could see photos from my phone under...
  40. P

    Computer Black screens when playing game but sound continues

    Built the computer 2 weeks ago had no problems until last night when i was playing Diablo 3 when my computer screen went black and no display message popped up. during the black screen i was able to hear the game sounds and my voice chat program i was even able to talk but after 10-15 seconds i...