Gaming Rig: The Final Decision.


Sep 30, 2011
Hello everyone :)
I'm getting my new rig in less than 24hours.
Every compenant was chosen carefully.. (thanks to tom's community) and all of you Forumers x)
- i5-2500k
- asus hd6950 direct cuii 1gb gddr5.
- Asus p8p67 LE.
- 650W Psu.
- Barracuda Seagate 1Tb.
- a simple dvd burner.
- 4gb of ddr3.
- a simple case.
And yepp, a tight budget!xD
I have few questions before buying that thing.
- 650w enough ?
- is the motherboard good for a sandy bridge ? and the upcoming ivy bridges ?
- can the "asus p8p67 Le" handle a crossfire with an "asus hd6950 direct cuii 1gb gddr5" ? (the card is huge :/)
- If the motherboard can't, should i better go with another radeon/.. ? maybe a 6780 ? (because the motherboard doesn't allow SLI)
Final question xD: would this config run high games like gta/crysis/just cause/metro.. at some high fps ? :)
Please note that am corrently buying it to play on a 1280x1024 crt monitor. (saving up for a full hd tv).
Thanks alot.
650 watts is more than enough .... but buy a quality power supply . A cheap psu , even if it says "650 watt" probably wont be able to run at thse figures for long or even , at all .
A quality brand will run at 650 watt 24/7

The best budget case IMO is the antec 300

On a screen with that low resolution you will probably need to wear sunglasses , and watch out for the screen showing signs of exploding [ joke]

Have you considered building it without the 6950 and maybe fitting a cheaper or second hand graphics card till you can update your monitor and graphics card ?
That would allow you to get a quality case and psu now


Sep 30, 2011

- Emm. going for a cheaper graphics card wouldn't be a solution.
- because it's hard for re-selling parts in the country am currently living in.
- So i better go with a good card before the monitor as the motherboard doesn't have a built-in/integrated gpu.
could i get my other questions answered too ? :)
Thank you.


Sep 5, 2011
Yes. That motherboard will be compatible with IvyBridge. See here.

From the info you provided, it looks fine. A good quality PSU is important.

Hope it works out!

You could get a Z68 motherboard which would let you use the graphics built in to the 2500k processor .