Generic Web Interface for Mixed Network Cameras


Feb 15, 2012
We have several different IPCAMs installed in different places (e.g. mixed HooToo HT-IP206, HT-IP306, two others from Axis and Foscam) for the whole surveillance system.

We are having kind of frustration since we have to switch from one browser to the other if we want to check the specific watched area, for instance, when we wanted to watch the HooToo camera video feed, we have to open the HooToo web interface, and when we were going to watch the Foxcam units, we must turn to its Foscam web interface for its cameras. So this is causing us confusion sometimes.

We need a universal or generic web interface that can actually unites all of my cameras together. We can see all these camera on one single web interface. Or a tool/software that's capable of making all these camera together for overall management. Does anyone here have better ideas?

PS: Camera list for the whole surveillance system:
HooToo HT-IP206
HooToo HT-IP210
HooToo HT-IP306
Axis (not sure about its model no.)
Foscam FI8918W