Question Getting EXTREMELY LOW FPS all of a sudden in games with GTX 1060 6GB

Aug 8, 2020
Hi, I was getting normal Frames in Games up until yesterday, everything was fine, but now, when I booted up the PC Today, Got Literally Unplayable Frames like 16-20 fps, the first game I tried was Destroy All Humans!, and I tried other games too like Vanquish, was getting 100+ fps earlier but now like 20 , in all the other games too, I got Unplayable fps.
Now the things I did to fix this-
  • I Scanned the PC for viruses, Malware and used Avast Cleanup to clean and fasten it but that had no effect.
  • Reinstalled the Latest nVidia Drivers but still it had no effect,
  • I even Updated/Reinstalled the Windows but that had no effect either
  • Cleaned up all prefetch, temp %tmp%, no effect
Now the benchmark results

This is extremely low, so is my GPU Dead? Or is this some sort of virus still that's doing this?Also I had the GPU RMA'D last year, Do I need to buy a new GPU now?
Nov 13, 2020
Have you found a solution yet? I had a similar issue that was due to Windows Explorer in my Task Manager using up 60-80% of my CPU, in tern bottlenecking everything. The solution is to restart Windows Explorer everytime I boot. I think a permanent solution would be to find the corrupt file and delete it, but I am not sure of how. Also turn Vsync on in games so your refresh rate matches your frames and play around with windowed/fullscreen settings.