Question GPU crashing


Feb 16, 2018
My GPU keeps crashing while playing games. My screen goes black/grey/light blue and essentially 'resets'. When I go back into a game, say Rocket League, it shows a latency variation sign but in other games it just goes back to normal.

I checked the reliability monitor and it comes up as a hardware error. In addition, I've monitored my GPU usage on task manager and when it crashes, usage is around 100% and then it spikes down to 0, which is why I think its the GPU.

I have a 970 with an i7-5820k CPU @ 3.30GHz and 16 GB of ram.

Any ideas?

Metal Messiah.

thermaltake TR2 600W ATX 12V 2.3
Hi, just some heads-up. Please do not use this PSU model to power up your rig. The TR2 series from thermaltake are of very poor/inferior quality. They have had a bad reputation in the past as well. These TR2 models are mostly listed under the lowest category on the PSU hierarchy list.

I'm not saying your PSU might only be the culprit here, but I won't advice you to use this TR2 Model. There is some risk factor. Grab yourself some high quality power supply unit. Can you test your PC by using some other power supply, if possible ?