Question GPU recommendations for Partner


Dec 26, 2015

I'm going to upgrade my partner's GPU and would like some recommendations. Current specs:

  • i5 8600k
  • 1050 ti
  • 450W PSU (we can upgrade this - I would prefer she had modular anyway with the case being small
  • Bitfenix Prodigy case (small form factor)
  • Micro ATX Motherboard (Can't remember which exactly right now)
Would prefer to have a single fan card as space is limited in the case, especially with a AIO radiator (I built this a while back when I was still a newbie so I don't think I made the best call here) but double fan is fine

Lower-end GPUS are more suitable, as they typically play easier to run titles. But the 1050 is starting to struggle with newer games like Sons of the Forest (we're looking at 15 fps on very low settings)

AMD or Nvidia, no preference


What's the budget? An 8600K is starting to showing its age as processors have had some pretty good bumps since 2020, but it should still be competent with a midrange GPU. The budget will give us an idea how far we can take it.

What's the exact PSU? Quality is very important, though it's likely that for most midrange GPUs, a wattage upgrade will be highly advisable.

Also, what's the storage situation? If this PC is using spinning drives, this could be an avenue for a significant -- and cost efficient -- upgrade in the general usability of this PC.