Graphic Cards


Oct 12, 2009
Hey guys,
I'm a Senior computer graphics and animation student i graduate next semester and i want to buy a new PC to work on my senior project, but i don't know which graphic card to choose. I read few articles about the ATI FirePro V5700 and the V7750 which is expensive, so i would like to know your opinion about the V5700, does it worth its price.
I mainly use 3ds max, Maya, After Effects, Photoshop, Z Brush...

Thank you for your help :D
I don't know about the latest cards but I do know some of Nvidia's 8xxx/9xxx gaming cards can be soft-modded into workstation cards that cost several times the price.
I'm not really up on the topic so perhaps someone else can give you a better idea on whats the best for your money.