Question Green horizontal lines on bios boot screen, but boots into Windows normally


Sep 19, 2018
Hi there,

I checked this website and many other websites but I couldn't find a post that was describing my exact issue. I just upgraded to a PowerColor RX 5700 (flashed to XT), and I noticed that whenever I boot my PC, there are green horizontal lines all over the screen. There aren't any green lines over the Gigabyte logo and loading animation. The issue existed before I flashed my GPU bios, so the flash itself isn't the culprit.

The green horizontal lines are only there during the bios boot screen, and after that, windows boots normally. No green lines, nothing. Card works fine and I can play games with expected/normal framerates.

While I can use my PC normally, I just want to know if this should be concerning, or if my GPU is perhaps faulty.

I didn't have this issue previously with my RX 570, and the driver that I'm using is 19.12.3.

Links for images: View:

Any help would be appreciated.


Assuming you have an onboard GPU too - Would that result in the same green lines? Do you have a spare GPU (or can borrow) to see if the same happens?
If you can answer that, you may be able to tell whether the issue is related to gpu or motherboard/bios.

Another thing to check : Are you using the latest bios update (this may very well be some issue that is being fixed in later a bios version)