Nov 29, 2012
Hello, I was originally planning on buying this GTX 650 (OVERCLOCKED):

BUT, I only play RTS games, a few racing games, and Minetest (Minecraft). Portal 2 is a rare exception, as I play no first person shooters. Maybe some third-person games like Batman Arkham City. But I don't play any games like Crysis, Metro 2033, Call of Duty, nor do I plan to. And I know that those games use the most graphics muscle. SO, my question is, would I be okay in spending a little less and getting the GT 640? I would really like to play at High settings. 1600x900 monitor. Would I have to upgrade in a year or two if I bought the 640? Just wondering if the GTX 650 is overkill for my needs. Would also like to do a tiny bit of overclocking, not anything extreme. Thanks! :)

GT 640:

Other system specs:
Phenom ll x2 @3.5GHz
500w psu
12GB memory
32" 720p TV (occasional racing gaming)
At resolution gtx 650 would much better than gt 640.or if you want to save more then get hd 7750 at newegg.hd 7750 consumes less power and performs better than gtx 650.but your overclocked gtx 650 is better than hd its your choice which to buy