Hack to Radeon 9700PRO?


Jan 16, 2003
A friend of mine told me about a simple hack that enhances a Radeon 9500/9600 PRO/non PRO (don't remeber) to almost a Radeon 9700PRO. But since I don't exactly remeber and I don't believe a word coming out of his mouth, I'd rather here about it here, and please give me details. Will it work on powered by ATI cards (like my GigaCube Radeon 9600PRO)?

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Dec 21, 2001
The hack was for the 9500 non pro 128 mb with ram chips to the side and above the graphics chip, but these cards are hard to find now. That is the only card that the hack works on that i know of. You could turn it into a 9700 non pro. And then OC to get it to a 9700 pro. I thought about doing this but didnt have the money at the time.


Feb 24, 2002
What card do you have now?

I forget who but someone here is the expert on this subject... as I recall it goes like this...

If the memory is in an L shape (as opposed to a straight line) you already have a 256-bit memory bus... KICK ASS FOR YOU!!! Youre half way to a 9700.

And I believe any 9500 non-pro can be modded to enable the other 4 pixel pipelines (theres 8 on the 9700), done with a BIOS flash. After that, u can install the 9700 --> 9800 hacked drivers (understand this dosn't physically make it a 9800, as there are other differences, but it gives some driver optimizations) and youve got yourself a 9800 non-pro!

Then overclock that bastard.

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Well considering you have an R9600Pro, the only option you have is to make it look like an R9800Pro. Involves the marker trick.
First get a white magic marker (check Staples) make sure it's non-conductive, VERY important (don't want to get shocked!).
Now, get the box your card originally came in. Now take the marker and overlay a circle over the bar in the numbering closing the 6. Now you have a 9800Pro.
Enjoy! :tongue:

Actually there is nothing you can do with a 9600Po except overclock it (or maybe turn it into a T2 in due time). It was only specific R9500NON-PRO cards, and even then usually only Sapphires.

Want to know more check <A HREF="http://www.driverheaven.net/reviews/sapphire9500/" target="_new">THIS Recent Article</A> at DriverHaven, it's a pretty good run-down fo what we are talking about (except it doesn't mention MY MOD above) :tongue: .

<A HREF="http://www.driverheaven.net/reviews/sapphire9500/" target="_new">http://www.driverheaven.net/reviews/sapphire9500/</A>

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You're almost exactly right except the part about the BIOS flash. All the BIOS flash allows if for Radeon 9500 users to overclock their cards (if their card is BIOS clock-locked).

The mod is actually included in a hacked driver you can download. It enables the 4 dormant pixel pipelines and changes the 9500 non-pro into a 9700 non-pro (if it has memory in an l-shape, i.e. 256 bit interface) or it turns it into a 9500 PRO (if the memory is in a straight line, i.e. 128 bit interface)

And once again, the mod doesn't always work, it's quite a gamble.

But all of this is moot because, as Ape said, there ain't nothing you can mod a 9600 into. You can overclock it like a banshee in most cases, however...

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