Nov 23, 2012
I had an old Gateway computer, 12 years old, now stopped working. runs XP on a 20gb HDD and has a separate 160gb HDD, both IDE drives. I wanted to keep the facilities on this computer but with a laptop, netbook and Nexus 7 tablet felt no need to splash out on a new desktop so bought an old HP from Ebay. I had hoped I could pull the two drives from the old PC plug them into the HP and carry on as before. It doesn't work. Why not? Is there a way I could update drivers on the old HDD and get it to run? Is there anything else I could do to get it to run?
On the back on your IDE drives are jumpers labeled; master - cable select - slave, your primary boot drive you want selected as master, others are slaves. Usually your master drive will go into connector 0 or connector 1 on the IDE cable. You will not be able to use your old hard drive as the boot drive without (at a minimum) reinstalling the operating system.
If you are already past that point, what exactly happens when you try to start the HP with the old HDD's installed?