Hello :)

I've been running this for five and a half years:

-AMD Athlon 64 3200+ 2.2GHz
-ASUS K8N Mobo
-Leadtek Winfast A400 (GeForce 6800 AGP)
-Two IDE drives, one @ 5400RPM, the other @ 7200RPM
-Two DVD Burners

On a generic brand, Hyena 300W PSU. My computer's only crashed once, many years ago probably due to driver conflict.
Am I lucky, or do people just overestimate their PSU requirements?
Two factors here:
The 300 watts - People either over estimate their power requirements or deliberately over spec their PSU's.
The generic PSU - you have been lucky.

The reason that PSU probably has survived is that it hasn't been that heavily loaded.


Mar 28, 2010
my computer disposition:AMD 4 CORE ATHLON 630+ATI HD4830
PSU is 400W max,rated power is 300W
In fact,included my 18.5 inch LCD,the whole consumption is lower than 100W when
I was playing 2D online games of two clients. So you see, am I over estimated the consumption of my computer?No, I tell you!