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Imperial Ova

Oct 23, 2011
Right... so i recently dumped my console after it ROD'ed (Fail. :/) And i want to get into pc gaming.

Trouble is, my old pc runs on a 9400GT, slightly overclocked. LMAO. Anyway... im setting up a whole new AMD rig, budget ofc, and after bulldozer epicly failed me, im left with few options..

So, what should i go with? HD 5850 or the 6850? They're both around the same price, and the 5850 seems to give higher frames, although the 6850 has more tessalation.

Also, will they perform well @ 1366 X 728? (I know, i know, ive got no 1080p. Told you my comp's old. Lmao)

And, which overclocks better?

Help me out guys. <3

And also, im going to be using the card for atleast 2 years.
What's the plan for the rest of the system spec's ? Personally I would go with the 6850. Better power consumption and also more up to date with a couple of slightly better features from a video replay/decoding point of view.

Mactronix :)
Just be sure to get a decent PSU that is more than capable of running your rig when you settle on the final build. Get something from a decent company like Corsair that is around 650 Watts. That will be plenty for a single card system.
Obviously there are other decent makes, the 80+ rating system will see you right. Personally I look for at least a Bronze rating.

Mactronix :)
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