HD7850 - Three displays question




I have the following situation which I hope someone can assist me with:
on a Sapphire Radeon HD 7850 Dual-X OC I already have plugged in 2 screens using the 2 DVI connectors. The video card has 2 free ports: HDMI and Display Port.
On this video card I also want to connect a TV also.

What kind of cable/connector/adapter will I need in order to be able to use the 3 screens at the same time?

The reason I'm asking is because in some older posts I found different opinions: some saying it will work through HDMI, some saying that I need a display port adapter (and I'd rather not spend money on both of them just to see which one works).



Sep 5, 2012
To connect 3 screens you can use 2 ports of any combination you like but the 3rd on HAS to be Displayport or an active Displayport to DVI adapter.

I would suggest you use DVI,HDMI,DP or DVI,DVI,DP and avoid VGA because then one screen will have poor quality because of the analog signal.


Great, thanks for the answers!

From what I understand, since two screens are connected through DVI, the third one has to go on Display Port.

Which brings me to another question: if I use a 5 meters long HDMI-HDMI cable and to this I attach a HDMI->Display Port adapter which will go into the video card, will there be a problem? Maybe the distance and the adapter could cause significantly lower quality?

It's a digital connection, so you will see either the same quality or no picture at all.