Question HDMI to HDMI connection is being recognised as DVI instead

Dec 14, 2022
My 1080p 60hz secondary HDMI monitors resolution went down to 1024 x 768 ("native" apparently). The monitor wasn't picking up signal after I had turned it off and left the house for a few hours so I unplugged and re-plugged the HDMI cable which kicked it back to life with the reduced resolution and NVidia control panel saying the connection was to a generic monitor with a DVI connection. Primary DisplayPort monitor is fine though.

For pretext I think my graphics card has been on its last legs for a while (gtx 1070). There have been graphical glitches appearing while watching YouTube (only YouTube for some reason not on any games) on both the first and second monitor along with audio cut-outs that I have to fix by unplugging and re-plugging the display cables as well as a weird chromatic aberration kinda look on text on the first monitor as well as gamma issues that I also fix by doing the same.

So for what happened,
My secondary monitors button is broken (or at least I thought) so if wanted to just turn the monitor off I pulled out the power cable. I've been doing this since getting this graphics card since that's when I thought the button broke and its worked fine for 2 ish years now. I did what I usually do today and you know what happened from the first paragraph. The resolution is screwed up and the connection refuses to be seen as anything other than DVI. Though for some damned reason the button works again now which is really odd. As of recent my primary hasn't been picking up signal either so I have to unplug and re-plug that as well. Also, I use set of speakers plugged into my primary monitor that cut out every so often that can only be fixed by re plugging the display port cable BUT that issue didn't happen when I used to have it plugged into my secondary monitor.

i7-7700k oc'ed to 5ghz
gigabyte Z170x-SOC Force-CF
Hyper-x ddr4 2400 mhz (4gbx4)
Corsair AIO watercooler for CPU
Palit gtx 1070
Corsair 800W fully modular power supply
2x 1tb harddrives + 3 1tb ssd's
windows 10
msi vampiric O10x case
Samsung odyssey g7 primary monitor and Samsung CF398 curved monitor as my secondary
generic table top speakers plugged in by headphone jack into monitor

So what have I tried to do,
I've tried flipping through all display settings
I've tried updating graphics drivers
I've tried changing it through the NVidia control panel
I've swapped and tried various cables (hdmi to displayport and other slots in my card)
I've done full system restarts and various turn off's and turn on's

Any help would be appreciated. Oh and if somebody could also "confirm" whether or not my graphics card is truly on its last legs cos I've been looking at upgrading recently.