Heat sink weird placement


Jan 4, 2005
I few days ago I bought a Xigmatek HDT-S1283. I am using it in a HTPC (mostly a pvr) setup using a 5200 as a CPU. Even though it wasn't necessary I just wanted to try that cooler and see what kind of performances I would get. Much to my surprise, there was no way I could setup the cooler to blow hot air into my rear case fan. I had the choice between blowing it toward my PSU Fan (Corsair 520 HX) or toward the bottom of my case. Well, I have decided that blowing it toward my PSU fan would help getting some heat out of the case.

Do you guys think, the other choice would have been better ? Also, is there any chance that it will over heat my PSU in any fashion ? BTW this rig won't be OC'ed.


Sep 9, 2006
The PSU fan is supposed to take hot air away from the case, there shouldn't be any problem, blowing it towards the bottom would be a bad idea IMO, it would just make all other components hotter (HDs, GPU and Mobo mainly).

I wouldn't be concerned about a little hot air in my PSU and I think you shouldn't either.