Dec 31, 2011
Hey there, im looking to upgrade my cpu + mobo here soon and was looking for some help. First off i dont do much but gaming on my PC. Secondly im looking for a CPU itself for like high 100s or low 200 dollars. Mobo doesnt matter to me aslong as it works with my system. I currently have a 680 watt power supply and a Radeon HD 6850. Also the RAM will be upgraded soon so ignore that. I was looking into the i5 2500k and the fx 8150. Im not sure about either seeing as how i dont know much about processors. Suggestions will be awesome and THANKS! Again ill be mostly gaming so whatever cpu is considered better for that.


Dec 14, 2011

Although in a way i prefere the 8120 the 2500k will do you good :)
The 8120 is not to bad and i have it and it overclocks really well but it's your choice on which one. The 8120 is better for multithreaded applications and should be slightly cheaper but it depends on your choice.

-Best Answer Would Be Appreciated :)
Personally I would prefer to go with the 2500k. Though if you'll be working on heavy threaded applications, the 8120 might do better.

What are you planning to do with your computer? That will help people looking to help you out the most I would think :)