Question Help Locating Screw For Server Chassis

Those are pretty standard screws for any computer.
The only one that might not be standard is the height of the Motherboard stand offs. they come in a variety of sizes.
Check your local computer repair place for these parts.
They probably have lots of them everywhere in the shop.
For example, I have the below screw kit. None of the screws in here match the one highlighted in my picture. Do you have a link to someplace like Amazon or other parts store?
Mcsher 300pcs Laptop Notebook Screws Kit Set for IBM HP Dell Lenovo Samsung Sony Toshiba Gateway
Those screws are standard for all 3.5" HDDs except that they are sunk in (flush mount) probably because of mounting rack that needs to slide in. Those are not anything specially made for disks but industry standard fasteners. Any screw supplier should have them, size is in the list.
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