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  1. C

    [SOLVED] Buying or upgrading PC. What parts do you think would be the best option for me, given the details below?

    I am looking to run and record games such as Minecraft w/shaders and Cities: Skylines to start, with possible expansion into more AAA titles depending on what I can afford. At the moment my PC struggles with any screen recording, but especially when gaming. I use OBS and perhaps I could optimize...
  2. Question Help Locating Screw For Server Chassis

    Hello, I am trying to locate replacement parts for the following items in the below table. I have not been able to find any of them. I have been trying to find the 6*5.3FM as of recently a long with the other items shown in the image but with no luck. RSV-Z2700 – 2U Metal Rack Mount Server...
  3. Thundurh

    Question PC Freezing Issue

    Hello! I have had a problem with my computer freezing while gaming for about 3 or 4 years now. Sometimes while I am gaming it will happen in about an hour or two, and sometimes it can be just 5 or 10 minutes. I have replaced every single part in my PC (besides my storage components), which has...
  4. B

    Question Rosewill Thor v2 Top panel replacement

    Hello, I have had a Thor v2 case for quite a few years now. I love the thing but the power button and usb ports stopped working. I would like to know if anyone knows of a place that I could get a new top panel. Google search has yielded no results.
  5. ItsSynX

    Question Help/Thoughts to Upgrade PC

    Hi I would like to know your responses on a great budget on upgrading a PC. I want to play Rust on good FPS 70+ or any other games to play at an average FPS Rate not stuck with 40-45 FPS with low settings and having the system to have great response and quality. So far in this list that I own...
  6. Question Upgrade help.

    Hello. It's about time I upgrade my pc since it's been showing its age for well over a year now, and with the help of a friend I've come down with these components. I know how to build my pc and all, but the question is, do you guys sugest something else, without exceeding my budget of ~600 €...
  7. Pededdie

    Question Dell P t5400 & modern games

    Hi there. I'm new here so... There's that. I just received a Dell_Precision_T5400 and I was wondering: Can I upgrade this pc well enough to play modern games like GTA V, Mortal Kombat X, Forza 7 and more. If so, then what GPU, CPU, and so would be good enough to run these games? My current...
  8. Y

    Build Advice Need help picking parts.

    I was thinking of getting a budget gaming PC and i could use some help picking parts. From what i've seen, the best GPU i can get for my buck seems to be the RX 570 (closest price-wise is the GTX 1650). As for other parts, i'm at a loss. I'd like to spend as little as possible on parts without...
  9. H

    Question Can anyone help tell me if my current parts picker build is solid machine for rendering

    can anybody comment on my parts picker parts and let me know if this machine will be solid. AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 3.4 GHz 16-Core Processor Asus ROG Strix X570-E Gaming ATX AM4 Motherboard G.Skill Trident Z RGB 128 GB (4 x 32 GB) DDR4-3600 CL18 Memory Corsair...
  10. U

    [SOLVED] PC Parts Good/Compatibility

    So I'm just trying to get a godlike PC that can run any game. Beforehand I had decided to get a GTX 3090 with an i7 9900F but my friend suggested I get a GTX 3080 with a i9-9900k. With that I was able to save a lot of money. Is the GTX 3090 worth it for being double the price of the GTX 3080...
  11. L

    Question When will the prices of Pc parts go back to normal

    When do y’all think Pc part proves will go back to normal every thing is so overpriced right now? I want to upgrade some parts like my cpu and gpu I would like to get a 3070 but scalpers are gonna eat up the supply and overprice it so when do you think we will have a steady supply of parts again?
  12. Cuzinbob45

    [SOLVED] Gaming PC part list

    I have been planning out a part list for a PC I am going to build. Is there anything else I should buy or are there any changes I should make? Here is the part list: Any suggestions are appreciated
  13. F

    Question Replacing internal power receptacle on hp pavilion power

    Hey everyone, a few months ago I knocked my HP Pavilion Power onto the floor. This bent the bit from the power adapter. It continued to work for awhile, but eventually stopped working. I replaced the power supply (why don't the manufacturers make the cord with the bit detachable like the wall...
  14. F

    [SOLVED] Is my build okay?

    So I'll be replacing my old build since my PCI-E got busted a while back. The PSU I am using is what i'll keep since it's only 2 years old and never gave me a crash. I am considering which do I sell an which do I keep: Unused R9 390X (the one in the list) or unused Gigabyte Gaming MI RX 570 8GB...
  15. skie

    [SOLVED] Will my new CPU % GPu work well together

    I've been looking to upgrade from my MSI Geforce 1050ti and Ryzen 3 1200 for awhile. and I finally found two options I think are good. ( I'm on a budget or else I'd go with better parts ) the 1650 Super and the Ryzen 5 3600. And before I purchase them I'm wondering will they work well together...
  16. C

    Question Upgrading my PC

    I've had my PC for almost a year now and while I'm not in a hurry to upgrade parts at the moment, I definitely want to in the future. However I am not tech savvy enough to know what parts would be considered an upgrade from what I have now. Would anyone have any recommendations? These are the...
  17. N

    [SOLVED] Upgrading pc - help

    Afternoon. im currently in the process of getting a new build together. Im from the uk & my budget is around £750. I just need the pc to perform fast e.g transferring large files, boot times. Will be used for light gaming, light photoshop work. Atm it does look like prices have shot up due to...
  18. A

    Discussion What's the oldest part in your current system?

    What part of your PC is the oldest? Of course, this only applies to people who have transferred parts between systems or upgraded theirs with newer parts over time. For me, I have a HDD that's about 7 years old. I hardly use it and if it died, it's all backed up. I only keep it as an easy to...
  19. H

    [SOLVED] Broken Hard Drive?

    Some time ago I tried to install windows 7 on a HDD. Somehow I think i broke it. Now if I try to install windows 10 on it , it takes very long to load the instalation( preparation phase ) and now I see that the it doesn't even see the HDD when creating partitions, it says "We couldn’t find any...
  20. S

    [SOLVED] Is my PC low/mid/high end? What parts should I upgrade (mainly for gaming)

    Hey, I was wondering if the current PC I have is either a low/mid/high end desktop and would like to know some of your opinions on what parts you think I should upgrade for upcoming games at the moment. I mostly use my computer for gaming and sometimes to watch youtube/netflix. Most of the...