Question Help me choose between the Canon Pixma G2420, the HP Smart Tank 500 and the Epson Ecotank L3210 ?

Dec 30, 2022
I will buy a new printer next week for home use. I mostly print documents, and sometimes photos on photo paper (up to 250gsm). I will be printing with a frequency of at least 3 pages/week up to 100 pages/week, i will also be using the scanner and the copier (that's why and i opted for a multi-function).
My main OS is Windows 10, I don't need wireless functionality.

Due to where i live, and to budget constraints i have very limited options, the most prominent being the Canon Pixma G2420, the HP Smart Tank 500 and the Epson Ecotank L3210.

The HP one is cheaper here, but not by much. The main reason these printers are my prime choice is because of third party ink prices (they are similar for both printers, and reasonably priced).

Which one do you think is the best for me?

Thank you very much.


At such a low usage rate you'll be spending most of your time clearing ink clogs from the heads and wasting expensive ink at the same time. This is where it's much better to spend more at the outset and get a home/small office all-in-one color laser. Toner doesn't clog up when unused and will last for years.


Apr 4, 2019
I used to manage the IT for a chain of restaurants. I made them bought a few ecotanks like 5 years ago for use in the manager's office. As far as i know they are still in operation. So durability is good. If that helps.


Laser printers show their advantages where relative big amount of printing at high speed is required. And so I think, just saying "get a color laser" is not only bad, but also inappropriate advice in this case:
Due to where i live, and to budget constraints i have very limited options...
My last printer was Canon Pixma iP5000, which I had for many years and never had troubles with it. I didn't print much (it happened I didn't print for a month or more) and I never had problem with clogging. When it happened I didn't print for longer period of time, then I only printed a test pattern to make sure everything is fine. And from what I can remember, I ran "nozzle clean" only few times. Btw, I always used original ink!
I can't speak for HP or Epson, but having such a good experience with Canon printer, I would buy it anytime again -if it happens I need one.
About 3rd party ink.. well, I could read mixed opinions and advices. Years back, when printers were very cheap and ink was expensive, many said "if it stops working, I throw it in bin and buy new one" -which kinda made sense at that time. Now printers are more expensive and they have big (refill) ink tanks.. and so we can't afford much experimenting with ink, I think. Well, it's personal decision.