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Question Help me understand this compatibilty

May 13, 2019
Hi Forums,
I am new here and I am having a bit of doubts as I am preparing to do my new build.
I just recently purchased Z390 AORUS MASTER (rev. 1.0) (1511) which I believe it is good motherborad with fair price.

However, upon looking for the specification from gigabyte web site it says it support both 8th generation and 9th generation of Intel CPU
Upon receiving the package (I make sure is it the same part# and model), it says on the box: support 8th generation only.
Reading the manual inside the box it says support up to i7 processor.

Logging to the gigabyte support site is no good, as it keep stuck and I cannot go further with registering my product at their site.

I check the compatibility in gigabyte site and it give me the value of "F4" which is I don't know what does that mean
Checking site like PCPARTPICKER it is says it is compatible with i9-9700K, which is the processor that I am aiming for.

Can anyone help me confirm that I can purchased the i9-9700K without facing any compatibility issues?