Help please!Router/switch problems


Dec 11, 2012
Hey guys, looking for some help here.

My setup is as follows. I have cable modem coming into the basement hooking up to Linksys Cable Modem (1 yr old). The cat6 line leaves the cable modem and goes approximately 60' through the wall to an Asus-NT66U wireless router on the main floor into the WAN port. I then have a cat6 line go back through that same 60' of wall coming off the LanPort1 of the Asus-NT66U router into a Cisco/Linksys SE2800 8 port gigabit switch (a year old as well).

The problem I am having is as follows. I have been getting intermittent "Unidentified Local Network" problems off an on which I have tried many of the fixes for, evidently unsuccessfully ranging from duplex speed, network ID etc. I had updated the firmware on the NT66U to the latest and am still having problems.

I never have problems with the wireless network which always has connectivity to the internet, however the local is the regular problem. So, to further compound things I have 3 Smart TV's hooked up to the Cisco SE2800 switch over cat6 as well. Those were all working recently until this most recent hiccup and now none of them are working regularly. They can sometimes "see" the wired network and my media server software, but it is intermittent, slow, and never works and often can't see at all.

The TV's are all set to static IP's over the wired network ( they are the only static IP's out there.

The cables are all good and have been repeatedly tested in a variety of ways. All the drivers and firmware are up to date.

I think I have a problem with the router/switch communicating and passing through data, but not sure how to solve it. The switch does not need a crossover cable, does not seem to have a management menu, and not sure what else to do.

Please help, case of beer to person who delivers solution!


Dec 9, 2012
Put the cat 6 cable from the WAN port on the ASUS into the LANPORT2

test it then.
The WAN port is usually only ever used to modify the direct cable that deals with the internet connection. In this case I believe the Linksys is doing that already.


Jan 27, 2015
Wondering if you ever found a solution for the router/switch issue you were having back in Dec 2012 -- as I have a similar issue now I am trying to find a solution to.

Thanks in advance.