Jan 31, 2012
I recently bought me a EVGA gtx 560 2gb superclocked . well in the middle of switching my cards i somehow fried my MoBo, i have a crappy atx micro mobo h55m-e23. i thought it was PSU at first but bought a new one today still nothing. i was curious which mobo i should buy. i would like to keep it under 200 dollars . socket type is 1156. one more question am i able to get a socket type 1155 if i have a 1156 CPU?? thanks in advance need advice by tonight , buying mobo tomorrow morning.

Deleted member 217926

First do not post your email in an open international forum. It will show up in google searches and you will get spam.

Second, no you can not use an 1155 CPU in an 1156 board.

There are really very few 1156 motherboards still for sale. The Biostars have the best warranty.