Nov 25, 2012
Hello All,

I told my 15 y.o. I would get him a gaming laptop for Xmas so I went looking :eek: , jezzzz was I in for a shock, those thing's can get way expensive, i.e. Alienware.

So I have decided to build him a bad @#$ system, my question's are; what is a good source for part's, what do you recommend, please be specific as to case, motherboard, graphics card, memory, cooler, power pack and anything I'm missing.

I am confident I can build it as I use to build desktop's but have been out of the market a while, also I would like to keep it under $1000 US but if need more I will do it by same token I would love to spend less.......all help greatly appreaciated.

Sam's Dad


Use It scours the internet for the cheapest price on a component, and tells you how much it costs. Great tool. Unfortunately, Microcenter doesn't ship CPU's or motherboards, because they're a loss leader. Amazon has good prices, however.