Question Helping with a system that won't post!

Jun 29, 2020
Hey everyone,

So firstly, I thought I was pretty good with computers... until this came along. That is why I am reaching out :)

I've put together a build:

-Ryzen 5 3600
-Gigabyte Arous B450 I Pro WIFI (Ryzen 3000 compatible sticker on box)
-Corsair SF450 Platinum
-Corsair Vengence LPX DDR4 3200 (2 x 16gb)

And yeah, it just wont post :(

Case fans spin up, CPU fan spins up, orange LED's at bottom of board come online, but I hear nothing after that!

I've tried each switching RAM through each slot and nothing. Removed GPU and SSD and nothing. Redone cables and nothing. Cleared CMOS and nothing.

So now, I've just tried taking out the RAM and switching it on. Fans spin up, but no LED's on the MB, and still no sound either (I read somewhere that I should hear something at least without RAM). Interestingly, in this state, I cannot switch the PC off either. Switch does not respond in any way, I have to flick the PSU toggle at the back to get it off again.

What more can I do from here?

Is it something incredibly stupidly obvious, like this Motherboard not coming with an integrated speaker or something?

I will next try re-seating the CPU, but am not looking forward to ditching $7 worth of really good thermal paste unless I have no choice. Thanks for your time.