Question High Ping but Normal Download Speed


Oct 7, 2019
When I use speedtest by ookla I get 19 ms ,51,11 download and 5,40 upload. When I try to download something off steam I download at a speed of 6 mb/s. But, when I am on a voice channel on Discord I have anywhere from 180-300 ms, while I usually have around 70 ms. Also when I hop on League of Legends I get the same ping as discord, while I always play on around 70 ms. Also, when I try to use my mobile data , I also have high ping.

Notes: 50 mbp/s internet line
Ethernet connection
This issue occurs only on one device
You have to be careful steam reports speeds in MBYTES where speedtest is in Mbits.

Ping times when there is no other network issue is mostly a speed of light thing. It takes time for signal to go distance and you have to remember you may not be following a direct path.

You can run tracert to different server IP. This will show you the parh and the delays. There is nothing you can do to change anything in this path. Now if you were exceeding the bandwidth you purchase from your ISP data could be delayed either by your router or the ISP router.


1 Uppercase B(Byte) = 8 lowercase b(bits)
1MB = 8Mb
6MB = 48Mb so this reflects your speedtest very well. If you have 50mbps on speedtest, then 6MB/s on steam is normal.

As for PING, you can't compare ping to different sources because those servers are located in different geographical locations. Speedtest is always to the closest server near your home. Lets say you live in Orlando Florida. Speedtest will ping a server in Miami if that's the closest, so that's 19ms. But the League of Legends server is in New York City so that's 70ms from Orlando. Now the Discord server is in Los Angeles, so that's 200ms of ping.