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  1. Harel

    Question huge ping spikes problems

    guys im rly need your help im starting to lose my mind at this point, i'm playing a game called league of legends and whoever plays it/tried it, it cant be played with lag spikes, I changed my dns server, i bought new router, i even tried to mess up netsh settings + i reseted all my network...
  2. W

    Question Ping Spikes/Packet Loss Across All Network Devices

    Hello, I have been having ping spikes/packet loss for at least two months now although it may have been an issue before, but wasn't nearly as apparent before. Here is the run down: I'm using a wireless connection because I'm on the third floor of my house with my router & modem in the...
  3. K

    Question Strange ping/packet behavior

    So ever since I got my desktop its been having strange issues with wireless networking. When playing games or using programs such as discord it follows a general trend of rising in ping and then suddenly dropping back down almost like a sawtooth wave. It it will also spike randomly. View...
  4. Rohit gandikota

    Question RTS and Fragment Threshold

    I'm having some kind of interference with my router. What is the best RTS and fragment threshold that I should set it to?
  5. Zio Kandaka

    Question Why i have different ping with the same connection?

    Hey thanks for reading my question. I am playing games on my laptop using wireless connection. It was fine until the few last months. Now i have unstable ping between 60-140 ms. It used to be stable at 20 ms. I contacted the ISP and they say there is no problem. I tried to run the game on my...
  6. B

    Question Huge ping spikes every 5-10 minutes. My Pc ONLY.

    Hi team, I have an issue that i really don't know how to fix. I have recently moved houses, every time i download/patrol internet, but mainly while gaming. I get huge pings spikes ranging up to 2000ms for about 5 seconds, then drops back to normal. Initially i thought it was just the wifi...
  7. C

    Question HUAWEI B593s-22 Ping Spikes every second

    Hello, i have this problem for about 11 months. My ping is like going crazy for somewhat reason. This never happened before but now it did. This problem is about my Wi-Fi (or my internet) having problems with ping. So, every time im going to open up an online game (like Minecraft and LOL), my...
  8. M

    Question Is there a way to prioritise traffic for specific games?

    I'm suffering from high ping especially when the home network is being used for Netflix. I'm wondering if there is a way to prioritise my game's traffic in the router. The game is World of tanks and it's running on port 6881<-- That's the incoming connection port it has another number underneath...
  9. T

    Question Ping Issue That I Cannot Understand

    I have been having unusually high ping during the evenings once in a while these past two months. I am playing my games when all of a sudden my ping spikes up to 100-200 and won't go back down until a few hours. When I run a speedtest, I have 2 ping on local servers, and when I check my ping on...
  10. J

    Question Extreme nonstop ping fluctuations but normal speed when more than one device is being used

    Hey, My laptop (Toshiba, Windows 10) is getting extreme fluctuations in ping going between 190-4-5k ms or more nonstop (180ms is normal here - connecting to an American TS server while in Oceania). It occurs whenever more than one device is using the internet at my home. Yet it is only my...
  11. nonkocka

    Question Lag with new router using LAN?

    I set up a new router (Tenda AC9), I connect it to the modem and to my PS4 and PC with CAT6 cables. When I first setup the router I chose the PPPoE connection type, with the username and password that my IPS (DIGI, Hungary) gave me. Upload, download speeds are ten times better, however playing...
  12. C

    [SOLVED] Massive ping spike when any other device is on the network.

    I'm not sure how unique this specific issue is, or whether there is a possible solution at all, but I have personally exhausted any possible solution to my problem that I could think of, and have come up completely empty thus far. To give background to my situation, I just moved into a new...
  13. M

    Question Uploading causes Bufferbloat. How do I fix it?

    When gaming online, a lot of ping spikes happen. A test on shows a lot of bufferbloat while uploading . My router has a QoS option where I can set uploading bandwidth as well as minimum and maximum upload speeds. What should I set them to? (Upload speed reaches 3 Mbps)
  14. S

    Question I have a ping problem

    Hi, I play video games as my job and I am getting a problem with my internet... Let me explain I play Fortnite competitively and I used to get 20 ping on NA-East (my own server) and now I get 60 and sometimes spikes to 150 which is unplayable. The weird think is that I sometimes I get higher...
  15. 1

    Question Inconsistent LAN speed

    My LAN speed has been very inconsistent lately, sometimes the download speed is around 150mbps but a few seconds later it would drop to around 5mbps... Which makes online gaming almost impossible. I have tried using a different ethernet cable directly from the wall into my PS4, but the same...
  16. B

    Question Ping when others download

    Hello, im trying to figure out if there is a way to limit a channel of my internet. So, I made the 5G connection mine, and the rest of my family use the 2.4, but when they download stuff it still affects me greatly, throwing me to 200 + ping. Which is UNPLAYABLE for online gaming. So, my...
  17. iigoru

    [SOLVED] Ethernet cable working on old router but not on new router or PC ethernet port. Why?

    Hello. So, I have this ethernet cable that I think may be faulty. I use it to connect my router to another modem/router that stays in a house next to mine, the cable is about 30 meters long. My connection is bad at the moment, I can use the internet but my ping is extremely unstable, which is a...
  18. UrkiUrkiUrki

    [SOLVED] Will a router increase my ping?

    I'm not close to my isp router so i usually play using wifi and i want to increase my wifi signal, will a router increase ping a lot?
  19. C

    Question ping spikes occuring in games so i followed steps from this thread and my connection from my pc to router is <1ms on average but the connection to my isp gave an average of 80ms and had a maximum of 280ms but this was for -n 100 , but when i...
  20. A

    Question Internet Ping Extremely Drops Only While Playing Games

    So just recently my internet has been acting up. Usually when im in a voice chat on discord while playing online games, i get around 70 to 120ms. But this past week, everytime i open any online game i get 300 and more, the max i've seen being ~600. The other users of the same connection dont...