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  1. [SOLVED] Constant unstable ping and time outs on wired connection.

    I have been trying to fix an issue regarding this ping and packet loss. I am on ethernet through powerline, connected to a Router/Modem Netgear C6250. I am on powerline adapters, but the issue still persists while plugged directly into the router, as well as a USB Wi-Fi adapter. Before a few...
  2. Jamry

    Question How can I get a stable ping for Online Mobile Games on my Wifi?

    I have a decent internet speed and ping when playing on my PC since it is connected to the network switch. However there are some games that I play with friends using my Smartphone like Wildrift: League Of Legends which I play via WIFI. The problem is that it always flunctuates to like 999ms I...
  3. M

    Question Issue with ping in online games

    When I am playing games such as Rocket League, Apex Legends and Minecraft I get ping over 100 which doesn't sound bad but is. I have done many ping tests on cmd which result in under 10 ping consistently. My brother doesn't have any issues playing the same games as I do even though I am using a...
  4. zevias

    Question Ping Spikes After Power Outage On Wired PC Only

    Two days ago the power went out suddenly while I was playing games on my desktop. Ever since getting power back, I am unable to play games on my PC because my ping will spike to anywhere from 200-1500ms. Prior to the power outage I got constant 40ms. At first I thought it was the game and...
  5. S

    Question Ping Spikes and other question

    Hi all, I have been having issues recently with my ping, and it’s making online gaming very frustrating and not enjoyable. I am using TP Link powerline adapters with passthrough. The problem is I wasn’t getting these ping spikes with my old TP Link powerline adapters and they worked great...
  6. S

    Question Small Packet Loss/Ping Spikes

    tl;dr is at the bottom ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For awhile now I've been experiencing very small spikes in pretty much all games I play. I'm using a wired connection to my PC. As for what kind of...
  7. thomfranken

    Question Unstable wired connection

    Hello, Since a year or 2 i've been getting unstable ping in games, to the point that it became unplayable. My connection is wired and have enough download speed to have stable connection. So at this point i've tried countless software related things to solve the problem. I even changed my...
  8. G

    Question Internet problems

    Hello whoever reads this. So, I've had issues with high ping and a decreasing download and upload for the past month. (I pay for a 50 download/5 upload packet) I'm a gamer, so whenever it occurs, boy do I feel it. This problem comes on the surface as spikes, so it has no typical regularity or...
  9. S

    Question Spikes at regular intervals when pinging router

    For a few months now, I've been dealing with these regular ping spikes on my wireless network that make it frustrating to play games, watch videos, etc. I've looked around quite a bit and tried a variety of solutions, but nothing has completely fixed it so I wonder if any of you have more ideas...
  10. spazbandicoot

    [SOLVED] High framerate/usage from Graphics card causes major ping issues

    Hi there, I recently installed a new RTX 2060 Super Founder's Edition into my system. The card itself is excellent with no problems at all. However, when playing games on uncapped framerates, I begin to experience an extreme rise in ping and jitter (sometimes spiking up to 1500ms+). I just...
  11. Kleox1

    [SOLVED] Why does my dads phone cause me 200 ping while my phone doesn't affect the internet?

    Whenever my dad uses his phone to browse the internet the game I'm playing gets over 200 ping and if I'm watching netflix the video freezes. However, if I'm using my phone to do the same stuff it doesn't affect my ping in any way. What might be the cause and how do I prevent it.
  12. A

    [SOLVED] High Ping. Spectrum is my ISP.

    I live in St.Petersburg, Florida and around 4 months ago my ping spiked to 75-100ms and hasn't gone down since. I have no other ISPs in my area to switch to so I really need this to get fixed. Here is traceroute to Google's public DNS: f1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms [] 2...
  13. [SOLVED] TL-WPA8630P Kit - Ping spikes

    Hi so I bought the TL-WPA8630P Kit last week and since switching out from my £20 develo 500 mbps powerline adapters to these £150 adapters I've had non stop problems with, I'm honestly frustrated at this point and I'm sick of the support team of TP-link going through the troubleshooting steps...
  14. R

    [SOLVED] Ping Spikes

    Hi, I have my pc connected to my AVM Fritz! Wlan Repeater 1750E with an ethernet cable. The repeater is connected to my router via WIFI. I've never had problems but recently I started to get Ping spikes and packet-loss. It isnt my connection to the repeater because I ran multiple ping tests to...
  15. Harel

    [SOLVED] huge ping spikes problems

    guys im rly need your help im starting to lose my mind at this point, i'm playing a game called league of legends and whoever plays it/tried it, it cant be played with lag spikes, I changed my dns server, i bought new router, i even tried to mess up netsh settings + i reseted all my network...
  16. W

    [SOLVED] Ping Spikes/Packet Loss Across All Network Devices

    Hello, I have been having ping spikes/packet loss for at least two months now although it may have been an issue before, but wasn't nearly as apparent before. Here is the run down: I'm using a wireless connection because I'm on the third floor of my house with my router & modem in the...
  17. Rohit gandikota

    [SOLVED] RTS and Fragment Threshold

    I'm having some kind of interference with my router. What is the best RTS and fragment threshold that I should set it to?
  18. Zio Kandaka

    [SOLVED] Why i have different ping with the same connection?

    Hey thanks for reading my question. I am playing games on my laptop using wireless connection. It was fine until the few last months. Now i have unstable ping between 60-140 ms. It used to be stable at 20 ms. I contacted the ISP and they say there is no problem. I tried to run the game on my...
  19. B

    Question Huge ping spikes every 5-10 minutes. My Pc ONLY.

    Hi team, I have an issue that i really don't know how to fix. I have recently moved houses, every time i download/patrol internet, but mainly while gaming. I get huge pings spikes ranging up to 2000ms for about 5 seconds, then drops back to normal. Initially i thought it was just the wifi...
  20. C

    [SOLVED] HUAWEI B593s-22 Ping Spikes every second

    Hello, i have this problem for about 11 months. My ping is like going crazy for somewhat reason. This never happened before but now it did. This problem is about my Wi-Fi (or my internet) having problems with ping. So, every time im going to open up an online game (like Minecraft and LOL), my...