Question How can I get a stable ping for Online Mobile Games on my Wifi?


Mar 30, 2017
I have a decent internet speed and ping when playing on my PC since it is connected to the network switch.
However there are some games that I play with friends using my Smartphone like Wildrift: League Of Legends which I play via WIFI. The problem is that it always flunctuates to like 999ms I can't get it to be stable on 20-50ms ping.

I've always thought of buying a new router but to be honest I've already switch the router fro TP-Link WR841HP which is supposed to have a good coverage (Which I still did experience unstable ping)to a Tenda MW6 for Mesh Wifi since my family's house consist of 3 floors. But I still get unstable ping. Would buying a specific "Gaming" Router get me a different result? Please do pardon my English.
Maybe they should put a big sticker on a new car that says "gaming" and people will buy so they can be better at games while they drive :)

Gaming and mesh are purely marketing terms to get people to buy new stuff because they don't spend the time to learn the basics of how wifi and routers work.

Gaming routers is related to QoS but that is not going to fix any form of wifi problems only if you have overloaded your internet connection to the ISP and then it is very minimal even then.

Your problem likely is not signal levels of the router. In some ways the power of routers is the problem, you are getting strong signals that interfere from your neighbors. In many cases it is the end device that has a low power radio. In the case of a phone they favor having small antenna and low power radios to save size and battery at the cost of performance.

There likely is no solution. This is why you see them say do not play online games on wifi. The fundamentals of how wifi data transmission work is incompatible with online games. Online games are pretty much the only application that is affected everything else has tricks to hide the spikes.


Mar 26, 2021
If you want to stay connected to wifi, it’s easy. If you want to use your phones hotspot it’s also easy. If I literally play gears of war 4 wirelessly on 512 kbps download and upload via wifi, then it’s purely 100 percent possibly, and stable. Hell, after all the tests I’ve been doing not even fiber or the new starlinkx satellite internet will save you. One device can eat absorb all of the internet if it’s not configured properly. On pure dial up back in the year exact year 2000 I was able to stabilize the connection and have purely under 90 ping on a Dreamcast. A PC player was able to provide it was at 70 to 80 during a quake 3 match while he was on cable, playing against Dreamcast players. He was lost, confused. Starcraft 2 can be lag free via dial up in 1v1. My cellphone on the 4G network will go 221 miles west to get online, which increases latency ping, but it’s purely stable except it’s upload speeds, some times it’s slower than 2 kilobytes a second.. that won’t even operate quake 2. However it’s still more stable than being offline for a minute to 3 hours.. I ran the tests, I have software. These fiber and low orbit satellite people just don’t understand. The infrastructure is barely there to take full advantage of these new toys. I’m convinced it will be time to pay 40 bucks for a cellphone bill, and 30 for internet. Unless you own a massive business you will never need more than what you were taught you need. Even a 4 story home is not the issue. Mesh has short range cause most cases of the frequency. You can spend a fortune on industrial equipment, but the biggest misconception is that people will always disagree even if you provide cold hard coherent facts. If you want to stableize your pc connection on the phone, use the USB port. You want a direct line to the computer. A usb cable does in fact transfer internet data, and it will void your wireless adapter if your phone indicates a device is online.
I’ve pinged servers for the past couple weeks all day. You want to ping in 5 second intervals for accurate reading..