Apr 14, 2012
I am trying to build a desktop for gaming purpose within $1000- $1200 for games games like cod6 bf3 aion ava and so.
I have looked around and short listed some like i3 2nd gen ati raden7750/7770 but can't figure much so help me out my main goals are gaming with full setts on so
1. overclockable processor
2. better gpu within $250

tell me.
Tnx for any help rocko
your not gonna get full settings on bf3 with such a budget card... your looking at a gtx 580 minimum to get max settings 1080p@60fps...
for the inital build look at 220 for a cpu like the i5 2500k
a z68 or z77 motherboard for around 150
50 for 8 gigs of ram
100 for hdd storage
100 for case
90 for a psu 650w.
30 for dvd burner...
total 740ish
and the rest of your budget can go towards the gfx... which will get quite a decent gfx card for 260 you will get a decent 560 or there abouts but 460 will put you in gtx 580 or maybe even a 680 if you manage to scrape a few rebates together or choose slightly cheaper componets for the bare essentials...
1200 will get you a suprising amount of horsepower but the difference between getting a $1200 system and a $1000 system will be quite a marked 1...
1 will max out anything you throw at it while the other will be lucky to run on high...