Question How can I stop nxdomain from spoofing my emails?

Apr 17, 2019
I run Dmarc, SKIM, SPF on all my emails, so I run Dmarcian to monitor all outbound emails... and there are at least a few emails a day coming from China on nxdomain.. random ips, etc...

How can I stop these... Can I publish a Dmarc policy for example to stop everything from China? or just publishing a reject or quarantine Dmarc policy is my only option?


Not sure that I understand your post.

You cannot stop the emails from being delivered per se.

Once the emails are sent to your email address and then "received" accordingly all you can do is manage what happens thereafter.

I.e., emails with a Chinese or any other unwanted domain are redirected to the Trash bin via a rule that you establish.

Or some other rule that you establish with regards to any incoming email.

Sending "unsubscribe" responses is likely to do nothing more than add more junk email.

Expedia, for example, has never stopped sending me emails despite a number of "unsubscribe" requests.

Just keep working to send unwanted emails to some folder that is easily deleted, cleared or emptied accordingly as you wish.


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