Question How do I set two different audio sources?

Oct 1, 2019
Ok, I'm not sure how to exactly ask this, but I'll explain as best as possible.

Problem: I have 2 monitor's, one for watching Netflix and one for gaming. My question is... How can I listen to my game volume separately on monitor number 1 and have Netflix playing off monitor 2 without hearing my game play over top of Netflix on monitor 2. Thank you's very much, I hope someone has the answer and I hope I simplified my problem as well as possible. Cheers.


Jun 26, 2017
If you're looking to send two separate sound sources out from your PC at once, you'll need two different output devices for a start. - A discrete sound card or multiple you can utilise on the motherboard, I.e headphones on the front and back (but they need to be recognised as separate outputs)

One way to achieve this is over HDMI, your graphics card can be recognised as a sound output, and it can send over HDMI (Not display port/ DVI/ or VGA), so what you will need to do is set the sound output in windows to the first output (e.g. headphone jack) and secondly, the difficult part is sending the output from the game or application (through the card) you're using, you will have to chose the other sound output from within the game under sound settings (the HDMI in this example)

Just shout if this doesn't make sense and ill try and help you out. I'm a technician as well as a sound engineer
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