Question How many pages of Word document page can fit in an ultrawide display in portrait mode?


Apr 15, 2016
I am considering to purchase an ultrawide monitor (21:9) for editing a word document, web browsing, and probably for programming. It must be in portrait mode.
This is not a desktop set up, I will connect my 14" laptop to this monitor with HDMI as the laptop only has 1366x768. So the monitor will be my primary display and the laptop screen will be my secondary display. I might get a separate wireless keyboard and mouse later on. I'm not gaming on this system.

I consider this monitor if I'm going to choose the ultrawide aspect ratio.

LG 25 Inch 25UM58 P Ultrawide 21:9 Full HD Monitor
This monitor does not have a pivot or swivel. I will have to buy a separate stand that is compatible.

I really need to know if it can fit two pages on portrait mode.

if it can fit two pages (in portrait mode) on top each other, then I would choose that one. If not, then I will stick to 16:9 monitors. see here.

HP 24mh 23.8-inch Monitor

It has everything I need, but it is only 16:9. And it is way more affordable.

If I choose the 25 inch, the text will be smaller as it is similar to 20 inch monitor. But I think it is still okay for me. It has the same pixel density as my laptop display.

My laptop here.

will it work if I connect it to the ultrawide display?

On my 32 inch TV 1080i, I can fit one full document pages without scrolling in portrait mode (Scale 150%) Basically like a 720p but with more sharpness due to more pixel.
Without scaling (100%), I can fit one and a half pages of documents, albeit the text is tiny, jagged, and blurry, unreadable.

Thanks in advance for helping me.


You mentioned using Word (actually "editing a word document").

Are you aware of the Side by Side and Thumbnail View options?


Not really sure (full disclosure) about the end appearances of what you envision with respect to your post.

However, the view options in the link may give you more to work with and/or test with respect to your viewing requirements.


Apr 15, 2016
Yes, I'm aware a side by side document options. It works best on horizontal mode. However I would like it better if it can fit vertically.

What I get is the more resolution I have, the more content I can fit in one page without scrolling. Since 1920x1080 have more pixels than 1366x768 (Fits one page without scrolling in portrait mode tried on my laptop), then I'm certain that it can fit more than one pages without scrolling.
Since ultrawide monitor have more resolution horizontally (2560x1080), I would rotate it 90 degree to become vertical, then change the orientation. I would like to know if I can actually fit two pages without side By side features.

And the other things, will editing a word document in an ultrawide monitor provides more substantial benefits if used in a portrait mode.

If none of those two are applicable, I would definitely stick to the standard 16:9 monitor in portrait mode. Because I would pay extra for a smaller screen because the LG is in 21:9, which essentially a 20 inch monitor with extra horizontal space.

If I choose the HP monitor 23.8 inch , I would get a larger screen albeit in 16:9 which is more affordable.