Question How much should I sell my custom pc to my friend? We're pretty tight


Jun 29, 2017
Based on how much each individual part previously sold on ebay, if I add everything up, I can sell all my parts for $1090. He's a close friend of mine and our parents are super tight. How much should I sell it to him for?

list of parts:
  • Gpu: 1070
  • ram: 16 gb
  • cpu: i5
  • storage: 256 gb ssd + 2 tb hdd
  • cooler: h60
  • mobo: msi


Feb 14, 2015
Depends on the reason you are selling him. Is this a business or just for friendship?

If I am building a computer for a friend, then I would only charge him for the parts and my labor is completely free. Basically I'm doing him a favor, helping him build a computer, but he's paying for the parts.

But if you are doing it as a business, that's up to you.
Agree, need full pc spec and not partial. What exact i5, what psu, what case, what motherboard, what RAM?

Anyway whole systems never go for the sum of individual parts, they go for less. Try and look at similar systems rather than adding up parts.


MSI has 100+ different board models for Intel since the i-series began and there has been something like 100 different i5 SKUs since, so those two "specs" don't narrow things down much. The H60 is only marginally better than the stock HSF, worse if you consider its inevitable eventual failure, so I would personally consider it a net negative value of $30 to replace with something more permanent like a 212 EVO or similar.


Keep in mind that once you start getting into the "give" or "build" someone a computer, you need to clearly define what future expectations are. A situation that I (used to) run into a lot was, for instance:
I help a friend who got a virus. Generally in my playbook that is a wipe and re-install. I go through and optimize the build get everything set and ready.
Then the, where is such and such program? Why isn't such and such working the exact same way it was before? I think something is wrong with "x" and I need you to come by and look at it? Oh this isn't working like it did I think you must have done something to.....(and so forth)
It can become never ending.

The more you sell it to friend for it is highly likely the more that friend will expect you to be 24/7 tech support and scratching post for everything they DON'T know about PC and safe operation. I would make sure you are at an agreement as to what level that is beforehand.