Question How to recover data from an Iphone 5s?

About a year or 2 ago I dropped my iPhone 5s. Scuffed the metal but the screen worked fine. Next day the screen falls out. Just completely fell out and broke the ribbon cable. The screen is still not cracked or anything, but one of the ribbon connectors is toast.

I wanted to grab the photos from it, so I plugged it into my PC and turned the phone on. The phone vibrated and showed up in iTunes, but it wanted me to enter my password on my phone. I couldn't do this since the screen no longer worked. I shelved it for a while and am now gettings back to it.

Now when I plug the phone into my pc iTunes says nothing at all. The phone doesnt appear to turn on as the vibration motor doesnt do anything, however, I can feel the area where I believe the SOC lies getting slightly warm. I want some of the pictures off of this. How?

Short Rant. Read if you feel inclined:
I really envy my new android that can just be plugged into my pc and have data accessed. I get it's for security, but I hate how apple forces these features. Reminds me of how 2-factor authentication got turned on permanently with an ios update and I couldn't buy anything without a code of a relatives phone on the same Apple ID. That phone was always in another state so it was annoying. All Apple does is screw people. Screw customers with repair bills. Screw 3rd party support techs. Screw consumers with planned obsolescence. I couldn't be happier Im not using iPhone anymore.

Update! I got the phone to power on. Itunes sees it, but tells me to respond on the phone to allow access.

The screen is broken, so i cant do this. How do i bypass or enter the password on the PC? I know the phones pw
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