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  1. Rohailnoorzai

    Question Can Iphone get a virus?

    I Have been researching on this specific topic from the last few weeks and found this article some helpful! [link removed ]Can iPhone get a virus But I still have some confusion that how can an iPhone get a virus because they have one of the most secure systems in the world! Or there are no...
  2. M


    Hi there, Recently I’ve been having trouble with my phone when trying to access about 50 % of websites and basically all my apps. The problems shows ssl error or just says not internet connected. This has been frustrating me for a while now (this only happened on data, WiFi worked fine)...
  3. C

    Question Iphone SE battery dead?

    My friend currently has an Iphone SE and she is trying to fix an issue that had occured for the last 2 days. The apple logo and white screen is shown on the phone for a few seconds and the phone completely switches off. This happened 2 days ago, however today, the phone showed the 'no battery'...
  4. U

    Question Is key logging even possible for iOS/iPhone?

    Websites that sell their product claiming to be able to monitor activity on an iPhone, are those even real? Because I heard that key loggers can't even work on iOS....
  5. Dollas4Eva_SR

    Question Windows photos app unresponsive when importing photos

    Usually when I import photos from my iPhone to my pc, there are no issues. However, recently, when I try to upload photos, Windows scans all of them and, once it’s done scanning them, it freezes. I feel this has something to do with the fact that I have over 8500 photos on my phone, but in the...
  6. G

    Question Please Help!!! iphone battery

    Hey i need a new battery for my old iphone 5s because the battery is very very low capacity and my question is where should i buy a new battery from i would like the have the original or at least high quality one and im also from europe so i dont want to pay more for the shipping than for the...
  7. N

    [SOLVED] Mobile/wifi connection very poor

    I recently acquired a new Apple Inc. brand iPhone 6 mobile smartphone, and I've set it up all well and good, but for some reason the internet connection in my own house is horrible. I'm in the same room as my router and it's on one bar. My old phone and laptop connects fine in the same places...
  8. M

    Question iphone and home router

    I have a T-mobile unlimited plan. I can purchase a $30 a month phan for an old iPhone 6s to give me unlimited calling/data/texting. I travel often between 2 homes. I am retired. Is there a way to use this iPhone 6s to provide whole-home internet? I realize there is a personal hotspot option...
  9. NightHawkRMX

    Question How to recover data from an Iphone 5s?

    About a year or 2 ago I dropped my iPhone 5s. Scuffed the metal but the screen worked fine. Next day the screen falls out. Just completely fell out and broke the ribbon cable. The screen is still not cracked or anything, but one of the ribbon connectors is toast. I wanted to grab the photos...
  10. rodion15

    Any good website or book for iOS troubleshooting?

    I’m a repair technician still learning iOS. I know this question may seem improper, but I’m so fed up with having to research and test myself iOS to learn how it works that here it goes: I’d be immensely grateful if anyone suggested to me a good book or website explaining iOS for technicians...
  11. O

    Question Forensic computer research question

    This is a bit unusual but I'm helping someone who has some disabilities and he's been getting nasty messages on instagram kik etc. The downside is he doesn't know who's sending these messages to him and he's blocked by these people shortly after he reads them. Once he's blocked the user and the...
  12. H

    Question Samsung earbuds audio clocking in and out.

    For some reason my samsung earbuds on my iphone SE are doing this weird thing where the audio goes in and out every second. It is almost like its times too. The in and out isn’t random it is on the second on the dot. It is really confusing me. Almost like samsung and iphone did this so you cant...
  13. S

    Question iPhone 8 crashing Explorer when trying to move photos or videos to hard drive

    For some reason all of sudden when transferring my photos and videos from my iPhone to my hard drive, Explorer will crash. It will then either not show my iPhone at all or not allow me to view anything until I have disconnected and reconnected the phone. Sometimes it doesn't show up even after...
  14. AndrewFreedman

    Article Supreme Court Rules Apple Anti-trust Lawsuits May Move Forward

    The U.S. Supreme Court ruled 5-4 against Apple to allow customers to sue the company for allegedly driving up prices with monopolistic practices. Supreme Court Rules Apple Anti-trust Lawsuits May Move Forward : Read more
  15. LordVile

    MacBook Air vs Surface laptop 2

    Thinking about getting a laptop for light work paired with a desktop for gaming etc. So want a lightweight but capable machine. Would be looking at the bottom spec for either, I am prepared to learn MacOS and I do have an iPhone + Apple Music which are obviously pluses for the MacBook...
  16. O

    Question Where to ask questions about ios?

    Where to ask questions about ios? Thanks.
  17. asem1123

    Question How do I shut down my iPhone if the touchscreen is 100% broken

    I can't find an option for iOS or iPhone so I'm posting this in the Macbook category. My iPhone's touchscreen completely stopped working and I'm wondering how to shut it down, because it needs to swipe and if the touchscreen is dead, obviously you can't swipe and if I tried hard reset it will...
  18. M

    Question Need HotSpot Solution Inside Movie Theatre

    Hello, Our church has services inside of a movie theater and we stream our service via FB on Sundays. Because we are inside of a theatre, we have low phone connection most of the time so the broadcast goes in an out (strong and clear vs.blurry and weak). We got a WiFi Hotspot but the connection...
  19. J

    Question Help between two types of monitors for gaming?

    So I just recently built my first computer. I have an Asus strix 2080, i7-9700k, and 16GB 3200Mhz Corsair ram. The monitor I just bought is a 24” Dell that is 1440p, 1ms response time, and 144hz. It was on a sweet deal, but I worried about the fact that it is TN panel. (Model is S2417DG) I was...
  20. R

    Question Line In stereo through laptop mic socket

    ASUS N56VM, Windows 8.1. The problem: Realtek HD audio ( shows 2 channel 16 bit DVD input for the microphone. But it only records the left channel and copies it to the right so in effect giving a mono input. The mic is 2 channel stereo. No problem recording stereo internally. No...