How to use work internet from home

Are you wanting to use the work network while your at home ? If your trying to do that then you need a vpn set up.
If your wanting to bring your home computer to your place of work and connect to the works network and acces the internet then you have to have he work password to get on the network.


Dec 23, 2012
that would not make sence a vodafone stick has its owm internet access you pay a fee to vodafone per month you must the driver for the stick to work install to stick in to your usb in your labtop/desktop and you should see a sine of the driver installing
if you want to connect to the office internet access you must bring you labtop in to you office get the code for the network and login that what inzone was saying up top
look at this video to find out vpn
youtube video
VPN - Virtual Private Networking