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  1. G

    Question Need some bluetooth over-ear headphone suggestions

    Hello, I am trying to find some wireless bluetooth over-ear headphones, but with a very specific feature. I would like them to have auto pause and play, basically where if you take them off, they will pause your music, and then if you put them back on, they will continue playing. Anyone have...
  2. L

    Question PDP PS3 controller: broken bluetooth dongle

    I accidentally broke my Bluetooth dongle for my PDP Rock Candy PS3 controller (Model#: PL-6432BT). I connect the controller to my PC to play PC games so I don't have an actual PS3. I'm trying to connect the controller to a third party Bluetooth dongle through Windows 10 BT settings, but the...
  3. MattC231

    Question Wireless earbuds for Pixel 2 XL

    I'm looking for a pair of wireless earbuds for my Pixel 2 XL. I'm debating between the Enacfire E20 or the TOZO T10. Anyone have an idea which is better or are they about the same? If you have a better suggestion, I open to it.
  4. W

    Question Looking for wireless bluetooth speakers/fm radio combo for doctors waiting room

    I am the office manager for a medical office and we are setting up a new waiting room. What I want to do is take two speakers that can connect wirelessly (probably through bluetooth) and then run fm radio to them from a central device inside of the office. These speakers are going to be on...
  5. Marksimilijan

    Question Bluetooth Transmitter for ATH-MX50BT

    Hey folks! I have recently bought a pair of Audio Technica M50X BT Headphones. I am looking for a good bluetooth transmitter that will 100% work with my headphones on both my Samsung smart TV and on my PC. I plan on using them for watching movies and listening to music so I hope the latency...
  6. M

    Question Aorus B450 Pro Wifi Bluetooth device continually connecting and disconnecting in Windows 10

    I have a new build with an Aorus b450 Pro Wifi running Windows 10. The Device Manager is continually recognizing and then not recognizing my Intel Bluetooth device. It endlessly connects, makes the new connected device system sound, and then disconnects with the disconnect sound. If left...
  7. D

    Question How to stop or delay a Bluetooth mouse from going to sleep?

    Hi everyone. I have a Bluetooth mouse that goes to sleep after a few minutes of inactivity. I want to either disable this feature so that it no longer goes to sleep after a few minutes of inactivity OR delay how long it takes for it to go to sleep. The mouse is a Gearhead Bluetooth mouse...
  8. G

    Question Wireless network/Bluetooth adapter

    After I recently switched computer cases I noticed that I get a very weak signal from the internet and I don’t have Bluetooth anymore. Could these things have been built into my old case?
  9. A

    Question Bluetooth can't pair to any device

    Hello, I'm having some problems with pairing devices on bluetooth. I can find any device but I can't connect to any device. What I have tried: -Restart bluetooth support service -run bluetooth troubleshooter -update bluetooth drivers -uninstall bluetooth drivers and manually reinstall new ones...
  10. L

    Question Best Bluetooth Adapter with Aptx?

    Which bluetooth adapter is best in terms of reliability and stability with adptx included?
  11. remixislandmusic

    Question Best sub $40 Bluetooth headphones + Bluetooth headphones wont charge and USB port is loose. How to fix?

    Hello, I have 2 questions. I have some Bluetooth headphones, about 2-2.5 years old. I used to have a different pair, but the height adjustment broke, so the company sent me out an updated model. The replacements worked fine, actually sounding decent...
  12. T

    [SOLVED] Dell Precision M6700 bluetooth cable

    I have just bought a Dell Precision M6700.. Its an older laptop but its a nice powerful laptop for developing purposes. Anyhow, I decided to try and get the bluetooth option, since it did not come with it. I bought the bluetooth card from parts-people. This was a link directly from Dell. It came...
  13. L

    Question New mp3 player

    Hey, I'm looking for a new mp3 player... I listed some requirements below that are important for me, I'd be grateful for some suggestions which device I should buy! small size (not joking, as small as possible :) ) Bluetooth under BT mode it must support shuffle and playlists and all popular...
  14. A

    Question Is there a way to use the Logitech G933 USB bluetooth transmitter to connect to other devices?

    For example I would like to use my bluetooth speaker to connect to my PC. Can I do that via the bluetooth transmitter from my headset? (Sorry if I post this in the wrong forum. Didn't know where to post it)
  15. J

    [SOLVED] What ssd will fit here?

    So originally there is a wifi/bluetooth card in this space and it's small. I pretty sure this is a mini pcie port but I dome seem to find any ssd's small enough that looks like it will fit. I did get a ssd but it doesn't fit because it seems to be m.2 format. This is also a Acer e5 523...
  16. N

    Question How to get microphone to wireless earphones.

    I am a theater director working with people with special educational needs. One of the members of the cast is illiterate, so she cannot remember her lines, as she cant read them to learn them. I had previously devised a system where she has an earphone in, and I had recorded all of her lines by...
  17. K

    Question Looking for a local, portable WiFi device

    I'd like to connect two or more devices like an iPodTouch to an iPhone. I wanted Bluetooth, but it doesn't have the range that I need with the version of BT that the devices have. I'd like 100~200+ feet and I guess that requires BT 4.2+ which older devices don't have. So what I'm thinking of...
  18. T

    Question bluetooth headphones wont work with the built in mic

    I have the ath ws990bt. is has 2 outputs one called headset and the other headphones. I cant hear anything through headphones when using the built in mic that is called headset. It is extremely agitating and this really affects games and programs that can rely on audio like discord.
  19. V

    Question Waking laptop from sleep with Bluetooth keyboard and/or mouse issues

    I just bought an external monitor(Dell U2419HC) to use with my XPS-15 9560. Basically what I want is to be able to press something on my external keyboard or click mouse(Dell Premier Keyboard and mouse KM717), both of which are connected via Bluetooth NOT a USB-WiFi dongle, and have my XPS 15...
  20. P

    Question Expensive vs cheap SSD

    Hi I'm trying to find real world tests of "expensive vs cheap ssd", but I can't find many of them, and they are very incomprehensive... Maybe some one has any links of some good tests? I want to find out is it really almost no difference expensive vs cheap ssd in real world usage.