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    Question Bluetooth headphone connection issues with windows 10

    Hello lovely people. I have an ASUS BT400 bluetooth USB dongle plugged into my machine in order to use my Sony WH-CH510 headphones. The headphones work perfectly with my moto mobile, but I have all sorts of problems connecting to my PC. It's a 64bit system with some decent processors (runs...
  2. grandaddy

    Question How to do you reinstall a Bluetooth driver

    i went on armory crate an updated my mobo bluetooth driver, and when i installed it the built in WIFI in my mobo stopped getting the 5G signal from my house so i could only use 2G and aurora creator stopped working so then i reinstalled the old bluetooth drivers from the asus website but that...
  3. Y

    Question My PCIe BT/WiFi card isn't working, even though I have drivers ?

    So about two months ago I installed Windows 20H2. My Bluetooth stopped working when I first installed it, I didn't have a problem with it to begin with since I wasn't using bluetooth but I decided to switch back to my previous version: 1909. My bluetooth still wasn't working so I concluded that...
  4. Blitz7013

    Question Gigabyte B460 HD3 | Bluetooth?

    So the other day i was looking through settings and i was wondering if i had bluetooth on my brand spanking new custom built gaming pc. I'm pretty sure that this mobo has bluetooth i just need confirmation or debunking. thanks
  5. S

    Question Why DualSense controller disconnect from Bluetooth

    Hi guys I have 4 DualSense controller and a GIGABYTE AORUS GC-WBAX200 I want to connect them all with Bluetooth In the first test all controller paired and connected But sometime some controller disconnected randomly They are all fully charged When they are only 2 controllers the disconnection...
  6. N

    [SOLVED] Unusable wifi and bluetooth on Asus Strix Z370-i Motherboard ?

    Hi guys, I have a custom built gaming pc and have always used ethernet at home, but I've recently moved into a new place and don't have the freedom to run a cable throughout the entire house and need to switch to wifi. Since day one of my new pc I noticed that the built in wifi on my Asus...
  7. doubleOz

    Question Wifi and Bluetooth not working on Asus Rog Strix z490-I Gaming

    I built this new desktop PC using an Asus Rog Strix z490-I which comes with an onboard Wifi and Bluetooth adapter, and I tried everything I found online and also on the forums here, but I can't get the wifi and Bluetooth to work. Windows does not see the adapters so it's not a driver issue...
  8. H

    Question Wifi issues

    Right then, back at the beginning of February, I bought a custom PC for my workshop. Specs: MoBo: Gigabyte A320M (BIOS 11/03/20) CPU: Ryzen 5 2600X RAM: 16GB Crucial On Board Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 710 I bought from Amazon a uBit Wifi - Bluetooth PCIe card. The first few days all was...
  9. B

    Question Bluetooth Speaker Audio Cutoff - I've Tried Everything

    I have an Insignia NS-2810BT speaker (with a Realtek Bluetooth dongle) that cuts off the audio usually about a couple of minutes after a fresh bootup of my Windows 10 computer. If I'm lucky, it may stay on for a couple of hours after applying a "fix", but it soon cuts off again and I'm back to...
  10. Question Problem with Intel Wifi+Bluetooth adapter

    Hi, I have an MSI Z390M Mortar with CNVi module, so I recently bought an Intel kit 2030 with dual band (the 9560NGW), the wifi is working without issue but I'm having problems with the bluetooth, when I connect a device it swaps the actual audio output like crazy, I installed de official...
  11. I

    Question Single MP3 via Bluetooth Causing Car Stereo to Reboot

    I ran into such an unusual issue yesterday that I don't even know how to google it. My phone (samsung/android) was connected to my car's stereo (Nissan) via bluetooth. I was playing music as usual (BlackPlayer app/mp3s), and then one song ended, the next song started and within seconds my stereo...
  12. Question Generic Bluetooth Radio

    Hello. My new PC seems missing the Generic Bluetooth Radio driver. Where I can download this driver without getting any malware? Manufacturer: Cambridge Silicon Radio Ltd. Motherboard: ASUS ROG Strix X570-E Gaming
  13. HolyMonkeyNuts

    Question Taking a PowerBook G4 Bluetooth Board and putting it in an ASUS laptop X555LA

    Hey guys, so I have a Bluetooth Board from a PowerBook G4, part number 820-1471-A, and was wondering what I need to do to put it in an ASUS laptop X555LA that doesn't have Bluetooth. For example, do I have to also include the Airport Extreme card too? Can I just piggyback the B/T board's...
  14. rob555

    Question TWS become mute while bluetooth controller connect to the same pc

    When I try to connect bluetooth controller to pc, my TWS sound become disrupted and soon become mute. The controller works fine. Both controller and TWS still displayed as connected in windows bluetooth device. Bluetooth adapter driver, TWS driver, controller driver already updated. My TWS only...
  15. D

    Question Bluetooth won't work ?

    Hey guys. In short, I want to connect my air pods to my pc, however the Bluetooth option is not showing up. I am using a tp-link Archer TX50E adapter for Bluetooth. Upon checking the device manager, the "Generic Bluetooth Adapter" driver does not work. Under "Generic Bluetooth Adapter >...
  16. Martin 8653

    Question Diagnose Bluetooth incompatibility between two devices

    I have a Logitech K380 keyboard with Bluetooth (3.0 BR/EDR), which I can use just fine with my laptop (3.0 BR/EDR) and phone (4.2 BR/EDR/LE), but not with my TV (4.2 BR/EDR/LE). The TV is a Samsung GU43TU8079 and has a system setting menu for Bluetooth keyboard and mice. The TV also recognizes...
  17. G

    Question Alienware 13 R2 Windows 10 64bit Bluetooth Can't Find Any Bluetooth Devices ?

    Hello, first of all, I'm not sure this is the right sub sub forum, but here goes: I have an old Alienware 13 R2 bought on 2015. I remember the Bluetooth works just fine, but just today I found out that the Bluetooth can be turned on but it won't find any BT devices. For example, if I turned on...
  18. L

    Question Google Home multiple Bluetooth devices not working

    Hey Everyone! I have a problem with my speakers at home. I have 2 Google nest mini at home. One in the living room and one in the bathroom. My problem: I have connected the living room to my dual Harman/Kardon bluetooth speakers which works good, but if i play from them and the google nest...
  19. QuowLord

    Question Intel bluetooth card is spontaneously disconnecting.

    I have a windows 10 desktop PC that I built recently that has issues with bluetooth peripherals randomly disconnecting and reconnecting a few minutes later (this issue is rare, occurring once every few hours, but causes issues when it occurs.) The bluetooth chip I'm using is the stock one...
  20. AntozJr

    [SOLVED] What hardware should I install into my pc to use bluetooth?

    I put together my pc a while ago and at the time did not realize that my motherboard did not have on board Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. I've since installed a Wi-Fi card (, once again not realizing it didn't...